Removal of Windows XP Repair virus

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Windows XP Repair scam would not give a break to users whose workstations have suffered from its interference. The peculiarity of all such viruses is that, upon being successfully installed without user’s consent, they tend to be launched automatically with each OS startup, without user’s consent or approval for this. Well, actually there is nothing to be surprised of when considering this fact, all because XP Repair program rightfully belongs to the category of fake system defragmenters, therefore there is nothing decent or good in this hoax tool and its deceitful techniques. Moreover, this rogue software has been quite persistent recently, attacking thousands of computers worldwide in various parts of the world. No doubt, the scareware methods of this pest are indeed very frustrating for users who don’t realize that they are actually dealing with the scam program.

Windows XP Repair
Windows XP Repair

The purpose of this post is to primarily warn our users not to purchase this Trojan horse concoction. You need to know that it is now what it claims of itself, in spite of its attractive and great design. Appearance is often deceitful as we all know. This is the exact case when it comes to programs like Windows XP Repair. Keep in mind that this particular malware is similar to other rogues from the same malicious tribe. Their name often changes depending on the operating system installed on your workstation. However, the actions and the entire behavior of all such pests is unambiguously unchangeable. They mess up your file and folder system, they hide your icons, files and folders, and even the programs in the Start menu are missing or hidden. This is all the job of such viruses. You need to remove them once you detect them and to restore your system back to previous settings, before virus infiltrated inside of y our computer. Below please find the download links for three programs you need for this purpose.

Gridinsoft Trojan Killer download link:

GridinSoft Unhider download link:

GridinSoft Restore download link:

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  1. I’m a subscriber to Trojan Killer, but is isn’t removing “XP Anti-spyware 2012”, a supposed Microsoft security program. I’ve updated the software, but it isn’t finding it this time.


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