Removal of modified Personal Shield Pro scam. How to uninstall Personal Shield Pro rogue

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Personal Shield Pro is the virus application which is being permanently modified, still quite active and persistent in attacking so many PCs all over the world. Personal Shield Pro tool displays fake Shield alerts and pop-ups every one or two minutes saying that your system is infected and that you can lose your files. These bogus alerts should be disregarded. Personal Shield Pro may also hijack your web browsers and redirect you to various malicious websites full of malware or advertisements. It is better to remove Personal Shield Pro from the system once it got detected in the system. Below please find how to remove it using GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Make sure and read carefully all the removal steps.

Personal Shield Pro
Personal Shield Pro

  1. Download Process Killer application from this resource: and save it to your desktop.
  2. Run Process Killer – “explorer.exe”.
  3. Close Process Killer and Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer and save it to your desktop.
  4. Install “trojankiller2095-setup.exe”.
  5. Run GridinSoft Trojan Killer, fix all errors and remove all threats with its help. Then Reboot your computer. Personal Shield Pro scam is gone!
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5 thoughts on “Removal of modified Personal Shield Pro scam. How to uninstall Personal Shield Pro rogue

  1. Hola, quería daros las gracias, llevo 5 horas con este lio y por fín, gracias a vuestra ayuda he conseguido eliminar esta porquería cuando ya estaba casi decidido a formatear mi equipo.
    Muchas gracias y un saludo

  2. Witam,
    Wszystko pieknie,ale tak sie sklada,ze po sciagnieciu TrojaKillera i odpaleniu skana,pozniej jak przychodzi do usuwania plikow to potrzebny jest key,pomimo ze wersja powinna byc przez jakis czas darmowa. O co chodzi i jak temu zaradzic ?!

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