Quick Defragmenter fake system optimizer. How to remove Quick Defragmenter rogue

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We would like to emphasize you attention on appearance of another fake system utility that is being actively distributed in the Web nowadays. Its name is Quick Defragmenter. Like many other similar fake tools, it pretends to be a decent one. At the same time, it only aims to deceive you, just like its foregoer named HDD Defragmenter. Therefore, saying it in advance, you immediately need to get rid of Quick Defragmenter.

Quick Defragmenter
Quick Defragmenter

Please be advised that this tool claims to be a decent system optimizer worth purchasing, however, the fact is that it is nothing but a bogus malicious application. Do not doubt that you need to uninstall Quick Defragmenter as soon as possible. Once your computer is infected, this rogue creates the impression of being able to grant professional aid in speeding up the system performance, however, it is simply good for nothing. Just as many other malicious tools, Quick Defragmenter comes to your PC without your approval or consent. This is all carried out via of several malicious trojans that offer the runway for its infiltration through various system gaps. Quick Defragmenter will afterwards commence showing fake system error reports and will launch various PC scanners that pretend to detect critical system errors in your PC. All of these advertisements will be regularly showing you certain senseless data. For example, notifications about missing of your hard drive, or ones stating that your exe-files are corrupted and you need to urgently perform scan to detect any failures that may cause this. At the same time, Quick Defragmenter acts really illogically in what it notifies you of. You thus should be aware that it is neither capable to detect real system problems nor is it able to remove or repair them. However, irrespective of this, Quick Defragmenter will be very tricky in trying to persuade you to upgrade it to the full version for a special fee – no doubt it will do this sooner or later. This is what Quick Defragmenter really is all about. It pretends to be able to detect supposed errors in order to persuade you to purchase its full version. We strongly advise you not to trust the faulty promises of Quick Defragmenter. This malware should be immediately dealt with – thus you have to delete Quick Defragmenter by all means from your system. Below please find the instructions for its automatic and manual removal.

Quick Defragmenter automatical remover:

Quick Defragmenter manual removal guide:

Delete Quick Defragmenter files:
%StartMenu%\Programs\Quick Defragmenter
%Desktop%\Quick Defragmenter.lnk
Delete Quick Defragmenter registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random]”
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “winsp2up.exe”

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