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Evernote released a patch for a gap that allowed intruders performing any code on macOS

Specialists in cybersecurity detected an error that allows hackers run malware code from Evernote.

UMA[,dropcap]s a result, intruders can use specially created URI in a note that would lead to the attack. Through Arquivo:/// link they offer user to open any malware file, for instance, “../../../../“.

Such vulnerabilities united under the term “path traversal”.

While Evernote provides technical opportunity to share notes, hackers can use this vulnerability and send malware notes in .enex format to supposed victims.

Vulnerability touched Apple laptops with macOS. Curiosamente, on other platforms program does not endanger user’s confidentiality.

Recently issue traced with identification number CVE-2019-10038, and patch released for Evernote versions 7.10 Beta and 7.9.1. GA on macOS.

Correction is already working. Now it looks as a notification that arises with the attempt to open suspicious link. It is important to add that similar error encontrado in Electronic Arts Origin service.


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