Achtung!!! Ein Vorgang illegaler Aktivitaten tipográfica erkannt. Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft. Guia de remoção de vírus

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  1. Nadja diz:

    I have had this virus on my computer for over a week…;. annoying! I tried to remove it with the above steps, but when i click on modify, it remains at “;explorer.exe”; so i have no files to delete. Does anyone have an Idea what else i can try??

    thanks so much for your help,

  2. andreas diz:


    If you have the problem with the removal or some other questions, please write us here:

    Nós vamos ajudá-lo a lidar com seu problema.

  3. Jess diz:


    Did you get a solution? I have the exact same problem as you.

    Thanks you very much for your help.

  4. Kast diz:


    You have to change the same setting in “;HKEY_CURRENT_USER”;.


  5. Edwin diz:

    I used System Restore to restore my computer to an earlier date, which removed the ransomware/virus completely.

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