Protective Antivirus 2015 rogue (Removal tool)

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Protective Antivirus 2015 is really annoying computer infection that can impede your steady computer function. It pretends to be a real anti-virus which can effectively detect and remove all computer threats. We publish this post to tell you the whole truth about this scamware. If you have intentions to check your system up, never count on this fraudulent tool. It is more rational and safely to give your preferences to the reputable anti-viruses. The Internet is full with programs, which are eager wind you round and rip you off. If you are not sure in their genuineness, upload them in no case. Do not download the information from insecure recourses. The chance to get the infection in such way is incredibly high. The IT world conceals different traps, so be maximally cautious while surfing in it.

Protective Antivirus 2015 bypasses your firewall, infiltrates into your computer system and commences persuading you that there are numerous threats found, and it is necessary to take removal measures without lingering, because they can cause the damaging of the system. Of course, Protective Antivirus 2015 tells you that only its remedy can eliminate all your computer issues. Our antispyware laboratory submits this article to shed light on Protective Antivirus 2015 software. We have thoroughly analyzed this utility and confidently state now that it is a scamware and is worth to deleted in the shortest possible time. We feel it is our duty to inform you how this virus acts and what it does to your system. Protective Antivirus 2015 tunes up the system in such way to start up automatically after every system reboot. Then you will be informed about the presence of different malicious programs in your PC in the form of various pop-ups. You will see numerous system scanners and their detection lists. These tricks are counted on the gullible people.

Do not be fooled by IT crooks, developers of Protective Antivirus 2015. Although it promises to heal your PC up from viruses it will not do that because it is not capable for it. Protective Antivirus 2015 was developed to rob you. We would recommend you to be very cautious with programs you install and links you click. Even if you have the suspicion that some viruses have slipped across the border of your private territory, revise your system with time-proved antivirus scanners, do not use occasional on-line programs, they usually contain parasites.

Now you see that Protective Antivirus 2015 is not worth keeping. The instructions on how to get rid of Protective Antivirus 2015 are set forth below. There are two options available to you. If you want to remove this virus in easy and effective manner we recommend you to scan your PC with powerful anti-malware software like GridinSoft TrojanKiller that will help you to remove this useless application from your computer. You may also remove it manually, but it needs some technical skills and computer knowledge. The video guide is at your disposal also. If you require any on our part get in touch with our security experts. Describe them your situation in details and get the qualified recommendations.

Protective Antivirus 2015 automatic remover:

Detailed removal instructions:

  • Open “My Computer” (Windows Explorer).
  • In the address field insert and hit “Enter” key.
  • Save “explorer.exe” to your Desktop or elsewhere.
  • Run “explorer.exe”.
  • In the empty field type “2014” and click “Scan”.
  • Give your permission to kill the process of Protective Antivirus 2015.
  • Visit the site to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  • Install it and scan your PC with the program.
  • Remove all infections found.
  • Restart your PC and repeat scan (if necessary).

Video that explains how to stop Braviax rogue AV’s process:


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