Problems with “anti-virus sites”

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The viruses are very widespread through the internet. A lot of users think that if their anti-virus program does not give any signs of viruses’ presence so there are not any in the system. In most cases this is true. But what if your anti-virus is not so “strong” even to detect the virus in PC? If it is so, you will not have an opportunity to see viruses at all. And not only in your systems but in the web too. Moreover you will freely enter a lot of links and will be sure that there is no threat there.

That is how the viruses get into the system. But this article is about so-called “anti-virus sites” that can contains a malware you do not know about. eclipseantivirus[dot]com is one of such links. Our analysts have already detected that this link is no good for you to enter.


Users always have choice, enter one or another link or not. In this case you have that choice too, but we warn you about the threat of picking up some “disease” to your system. We recommend you to scan your PC with our product that can detect and delete spywares, scams and other badwares from your system.

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