Privacy Protection scareware uninstall guide

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Privacy Protection application belongs to the category of fake anti-malware programs. It disguises as decent tool, it mimics the consequences of steps as real programs do, it uses attractive GUI. It is done to trick people. Indeed, it is not capable of doing anything good for a PC. Of course it claims to detect all potential threats and remove them. But, it is nothing more like well-thought-out misleading tactic. IT crooks that develop this tool pursue one objective only – to wind the gullible users round and rip them off.

Privacy Protection scam
Privacy Protection rogue

These frauds are eager to make money in easy, unfair way. They do not miss any chance to infect a PC, so be careful, surfing in the Web. If the virus gets the targeted PC, it starts scaring the potential victims:

  • displays bogus security notifications, warnings,
  • generates multiple pop-up ads in order to persuade trusting user that something is going really wrong with their PCs
  • imitates fake system check ups
  • presents pre-programmed scanning results, stating some insecure items detected

All above-mentioned steps are easy to explain: the malware wants to persuade you that it knows something you don’t know about all available system vulnerabilities of your computer. Indeed the pest knows nothing about real computer threats. It cannot detect or remove them. You will find some examples notification generated by the scam below:

  • W32/Blaster.worm fake
  • SystemExporer.exe can not start
  • File SystemExploerer.exe is infected by W32/Blaster.worm.
  • Please activate Privacy Protection to protect your computer.
  • Malicious program has been detected
  • Security Warning!
    Malicious program has been detected.
    Click here to protect your computer.

It is the short list of samples, which can be displayed during the running of Privacy Protection on the compromised machine. You will face one of such messages each time you want to run any of decent applications. It such way it creates an illusion of serious contamination of a PC and protects itself from being removed. If one clicks on such notices, he/she will be automatically diverted to the page, where one should effect the payment. Under no circumstances do this hasty step. If you still consider purchasing of this evil software, read the article one more time from the very beginning. If you have already effected the payment, contact your bank and dispute the charges immediately. The best thing you may do for your infected computer system is applying of the decent antivirus program to get rid of Privacy Protection. If you give preferences to Gridinsoft Trojan Kiler, it is always at your disposal. If you have any questions, arising, while cleaning your computer, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with instructions, helpful, especially for your case.

Privacy Protection automatic remover:

  • Click “Start” menu and go to “Run” option. Type-in the following text exactly as it is specified here:
    taskkill.exe /F /IM privacy.exe
    This will kill the process of Privacy Protection virus. (if you could not do it from the first attempt then try again)
  • Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to your infected PC, install and run it.

Privacy Protection removal video:

Privacy Protection manual removal guide:

Delete Privacy Protection files:
Delete Privacy Protection registry entries:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Privacy Protection

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