Privacy Protection rogue removal solutions

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  1. Scacchiatore says:

    Great! I did it! It’s actually very hard to remove, it stops every defense and browser program. The important is to write the command above exactly, especially the spaces. Thank you very much, Andy!!!

  2. Josh says:

    Thank you SO much!

  3. Alon says:

    Thank you 🙂

  4. BhAva says:

    danke danke ☺
    ganz einfach !
    dachte schon ich müsste alles neu machen

  5. Sam says:

    Damn, you should have seen how I was yelling at my computer before I found this article. Trojan Killer is scanning now and I can’t thank you more!

  6. lia says:

    it’s not working 🙁

  7. jose antonio says:

    Ya me he descargado el trojan killer pero aun asi tampoco me deja ejecutar el comando Taskkill.exe / F / IM privacy.exe


  8. Thach says:

    I tried to follow you, but when I download is complete, do not install and I discovered, not install any software. Further, windows don’t install, too

  9. andreas says:


    You should type axactly like we wrote you. With all spaces.

  10. andreas says:


    If you could not remove the virus, Please, contact us here:

    Describe your problem more precisely and we will help you to cope with your problem.

  11. Laura says:

    I tried putting in the taskkill.exe /F /IM privacy.exe where you told me to put it but it wont find it and i have kept trying it for at least 2 hours , now i dont know what to do PLEASEEEE HELP!

  12. Thach says:

    Vietnam HoChiMinh City say:
    My computer can not access internet. So, I use another computer to download Trojan Killer GridinSoft. then I copy via USB the installation. before installing, I did the similar you: “Click” Start “and select” Run “. In the respective field Combination insert the word” taskkill.exe / F / IM privacy.exe “(without quotation marks). Click “OK”. Repeat the process until the privacy.exe Necessary number of times (the main process of Privacy Protection) is successfully terminated. “But i do not intall killer trojan.
    when i open any folder, then message appears:
    runtime error 216 at 0181D358

    You help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dorte says:

    Jeg kan ikke komme på nettet fra min computer da den er ramt. Jeg har fundet denne side via en anden computer. Når jeg trykker på start – kør og skriver taskkill.exe/F/IM privacy.exe, så kommer der en pop-up med teksten “Windows kan ikke finde taskkill.exe/F/IM. Kontroller at du skrev navnet korrekt, og forsøg derefter igen”
    Hvor skal der være mellemrum henne i det jeg skal skrive ?
    Jeg kan ikke kopiere fra denne side, når jeg ikke kan komme på nettet. Håber I kan hjælpe mig hurtigt.

  14. Thach says:

    Vietnam HoChiMinh City say:

    Dear Dorte: I don’t access internet similar you, too. i used another computer to download killer trojan but i copy via my computer then don’t install killer trojan software. hic hic hic. we have a trouble. I hope anybody can help me and you.

  15. Laura says:

    It tells me Windows cannot find ‘taskkill.exe’

  16. Edith says:

    If you internet does not work on regular mode, turn it off and then start with Safe Mode with Networking. It will allow you to go on the Internet and download.

  17. Rich says:

    Just to say as of 14/11/2011 this fix is still a good one. Just to repeat, type it exactly as seen, and keep doing it until the process dies, it will even if it refuses to several times.

    Thankyou for this fix

  18. Ben says:

    hi, i believe i was attacked today. i start in safe mode and ran some other software, i believe i was able to delete privacy.exe. now in regular mode, downloaded trojan killer, ran it and couldn’t find anything, neither has malware bytes, think i’m good?

    when i try to use the run script it just opens and shuts very quick and i can’t read the text. maybe that’s because the program is no longer on my cpu?

  19. - says:

    i right clicked on the icon, clicked properties to find the shortcut’s file path. i then ran the computer in safe mode, opened the command prompt and typed in “del [virus’s file path]\privacy.exe

  20. Tamberto da Bolzano says:

    Grazie, sono riuscito in 3 minuti ad estirmare il cancro……


  21. felipe says:

    Obrigado! resolveu o meu problema. fica com Deus

  22. Sage says:

    Thank you for this fix, this is a nasty rogue, lot of bad advice on how to fix it out there, this was the fifth thing I tried and the first that worked

  23. SB says:


    Thanks for the solution. Got it removed.

  24. Chris says:

    I couldn’t stop privacy.exe using “taskkill.exe /F /IM privacy.exe”, Windows says it cannot find the file. So here’s what I did:

    * Navigate to takkill.exe by going to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\privacy.exe
    * Change the name to something different (e.g.: 99204pricavy) Be sure to remove the .exe extension.
    * Then restart your computer and privacy protection will have been deactivated.
    *Then run Trojan Killer or any other anti-malware program and remove it for good.

  25. Pat says:


  26. Gonz says:

    Thanks a lot this is a quite usefull tool!, it really help me.

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