Privacy Protection fake security warnings

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Privacy Protection virus, upon successful infiltration into vulnerable computer, begins to scare users with plenty of bogus security notifications, warnings, popups and other ads in order to make them think that something is going really wrong with their PCs. The reason why this malware presents such untrue messages is because it wants to persuade you that it knows something you don’t know about all available system vulnerabilities of your computer. However, the reality is that this hoax knows nothing about real computer threats. So, it is neither able to detect them nor to cure them or have them removed.

Privacy Protection virus
Privacy Protection virus

Here is one of the most popular fake security popups originated by Privacy Protection, which says this:

W32/Blaster.worm fake
W32/Blaster.worm fake

SystemExporer.exe can not start
File SystemExploerer.exe is infected by W32/Blaster.worm.
Please activate Privacy Protection to protect your computer.

The peculiarity of such messages is that as soon as you try to run any application you would face a similar message with the name of the program you want to start, and no matter what program you launch Privacy Protection scam would report it as the infection. By the way, we found the installer of Privacy Protection virus and installed it on our test machine. When Privacy Protection was successfully installed and immediately reported its own installer as a virus. This is really ridiculous fact that Privacy Protection malware program detects itself as a virus. This is probably the only true fact stated by it. As you see, the rogue developers were not smart at all while developing their malware concoction, even though they worked really hard to make it look nice. All other information presented by Privacy Protection malware should not be trusted by you. Here is another example of the fake notices of this scareware:

Malicious program has been detected
Malicious program has been detected

Security Warning!
Malicious program has been detected.
Click here to protect your computer.

When someone actually clicks such message the program would refer the user to the payment processing interface – all in order to convince the user and to make him/her pay for this fake security program. Do not trust this malware, do not purchase it. If you have already done so then please refer to your good bank and dispute the charges immediately.

It also imitates to be able to act as your system firewall, but this is yet another bogus security alert in fact, having nothing to do with the reality.

Fake Firewall Warning
Fake Firewall Warning

Firewall Warning
Hidden file transfer to remove host has been detected
Privacy Protection has detected a leak of your files through the Internet.
We strongly recommend that you block the attack immediately

Finally, here is the reason why this malware presents them all. It simply wants you to activate it, but when you actually click “Activate Now” button it tells you to pay for it.

The saddest fact is that Privacy Protection is not able to remove real threats just as we have already said. If it was capable to detect and eliminate them then surely it would be worth considering and maybe even purchasing. The reality, however, that this is simply the rogue security program is not able at all to assist you in real virus removal. Below please find the good answer on how to delete Privacy Protection scam. Watch the video guide carefully and get rid of this pest immediately.

Privacy Protection automatic remover:

  • Click “Start” menu and go to “Run” option. Type-in the following text exactly as it is specified here:
    taskkill.exe /F /IM privacy.exe
    This will kill the process of Privacy Protection virus. (if you could not do it from the first attempt then try again)
  • Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to your infected PC, install and run it.

Privacy Protection removal video:

Privacy Protection manual removal guide:

Delete Privacy Protection files:
Delete Privacy Protection registry entries:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Privacy Protection

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