Polizia postale e delle virus

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Polizia postale e delle virus is a kind of ransomware that belongs to the well-known UKASH virus family. It is a handiwork of the hackers who fabricated FBI Moneypak, Interpol Departament of Cybercrime virus, Gerdarmerie Nationale Virus and other types of Ukash. These ransomware are highly localized as it can be seen from Polizia postale e delle virus. This infection tends to infect Italian Internet users. The warning alert this threat shows covers the entire desktop and in such way prevents the users from the decent programs launching. Polizia postale e delle virus accuses the user of illegal media downloads. To make the fake notification more persuasive a list of quotations from various laws and regulations are used. Here is a trick that helps the cyber crooks to reach their main purpose – to steal the money of gullible PC owners. Many victims end up paying 100 euro for Polizia postale e delle virus because they take the information shown at the desktop at its surface value. They are simply afraid of being imprisoned. Despite the fact that a number of laws has been passed against pirating, a lot of people still download music, films etc illegally, so they might feel there is a ground for the accusations delivered by Polizia postale e delle virus.

Polizia postale e delle virus
Polizia postale e delle virus

The aim of this article is to shed the light on the current situation and prevent the users from wasting their money for Web criminals` benefit. Paying the fine is not the thing in this case, because it will not help to unblock the hijacked PC. To stop the privacy infringing activity of this virus the following steps are recommended:

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