Police virus (ransomware) still attacks various countries today

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  1. custody says:

    Saved as a favorite, I love your web site!Thanks so much!

  2. Michael says:

    Hi ,
    A Police Virus like mentioned on the site here appears on my screen and I cannot access any function of my computer.

    Can you please tell me what I can do to get rid of this?

    Kind Regards,


  3. pierre says:

    I have runned ”trojan Killer” and finded anything.

    Please, what to do now

  4. Julia says:

    Dear Pierre,
    If Trojan Killer hasn`t found anything it means that your computer is clean. But to get the reliable scanning results you are recommended temporarily disabling other anti-viruses available on your computer, because they prevent Trojan Killer from a proper scanning. We need to analyze the scan log file to determine whether your computer is infected or not. To collect the scan log file please go to “Tools” tab in the upper part of GridinSoft Trojan Killer program window, click “Log files”, open the latest scan log file (s), save it to some folder of your PC and send it to us as the attachment ONLY VIA CUSTOMER TICKET SUPPORT SYSTEM – http://trojan-killer.net/support/open.php
    Best regards,
    Trojan Killer customer support team.

  5. Julia says:

    Dear Michael,
    You are recommended performing all steps shown in this removal guide: http://trojan-killer.net/pc-infected-ransomware-virus/. If any questions appear in the process of work, make sure to contact us leaving the comment or contacting us ticket via ticket system: http://trojan-killer.net/support/
    Best regards,
    Trojan Killer customer support team.

  6. Василий says:

    Поскажите пожалуйста мой компьютер заблокирова полиция, никуда зайти ничего сделать не могу требуют заплатить!
    Что делать?
    Заранее спасибо!

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