Police virus (ransomware) still attacks various countries today

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Ransomware is a special type of computer virus that locks the desktop of the infected PC with a special warning that can’t be removed easily. In the majority of the cases the ransomwares claim to be some scary notifications supposedly coming from the police. Today many corners of the globe have suffered from this serious threat, and users are being actively misled by various ransomware programs that are specifically designed for some special country. And, in fact, there are many various “faces” of this infection. The screenshots given below show how some of them look like.

Generalizing the above-mentioned ransomware samples, we can tell of the following scary notifications that have the following yet scary notifications:

Ransomware screenshotScary ransomware’s warning (fake police warning)Target country
Achtung! Ergab folgende VerstößeDer Computer ist für die Verletzung der Gesetze der Republik Österreich blockiert wordenAustria
Achtung! Ergab folgende verstöße  Der Computer ist für die Verletzung der Gesetze von Belgien und wurde blockiertBelgium
Advarsel virusComputeren er blevet blokeret for at overtræde lovgivningen i DanmarkDenmark
Achtung! Ergab folgende VerstößeDer Computer ist für die Verletzung der Gesetze der Bundesrepublik Deutschland wurde blockiertGermany
Atención! Revelados los violaciones siguentesEl equipo ha sido bloqueado por violar las leyes de EspanaSpain
Votre ordinateur est bloqué en raison du délit de la loi FranceVotre ordinateur est bloquéFrance
Tá do ríomhaire cosc curtha ar shárú ar dhlíthe na tíre ÉirinnTá do ríomhaire cosc curtha ar shárú ar dhlíthe na tíre ÉirinnIreland
Achtung! Ergab folgende Verstöße  Ihr Computer wurde wegen Verstoßes gegen das Recht des Landes, Luxemburg blockiert wordenLuxemburg
Waarschuwing! Revealed de volgende overtredingenUw computer is geblokkeerd voor het schenden van het recht van het NetherlandsThe Netherlands
Komputer został zablokowany z powodu naruszenia prawa PolskiegoKomputer został zablokowany z powodu naruszenia prawa PolskiegoPoland
West Yorkshire Police virusYour computer is locked for violating the law of Great BritainGreat Britain
FBI virusFederal Bureau of Investigation. Attention. Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified belowUSA
Auf Ihrem Computer ist infiziert!Auf Ihrem Computer ist infiziert!Germany
Sur votre ordinateur est infectéSur votre ordinateur est infectéFrance
Na komputerze jest zainfekowanyNa komputerze jest zainfekowanyPoland

The locker asks its victim to pay the fine for committing some fake crimes allegedly performed via the infected computer. The malware makers ask users to pay the fine via Ukash, Paysafecard or GreenDot MoneyPak payment systems. Please do not ever make such mistakes! If you do this the chances are that you will never get your money back. Instead, use legitimate and powerful security software to remove all the above-mentioned infections. We recommend you to try using GridinSoft Trojan Killer by first restarting your computer into safe mode with networking. If you have any troubles doing so please immediately get in touch with us via all available support channels (preferably via ticket support system).

Recommended software for ransomware removal:

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6 thoughts on “Police virus (ransomware) still attacks various countries today

  1. Hi ,
    A Police Virus like mentioned on the site here appears on my screen and I cannot access any function of my computer.

    Can you please tell me what I can do to get rid of this?

    Kind Regards,


  2. Dear Pierre,
    If Trojan Killer hasn`t found anything it means that your computer is clean. But to get the reliable scanning results you are recommended temporarily disabling other anti-viruses available on your computer, because they prevent Trojan Killer from a proper scanning. We need to analyze the scan log file to determine whether your computer is infected or not. To collect the scan log file please go to “Tools” tab in the upper part of GridinSoft Trojan Killer program window, click “Log files”, open the latest scan log file (s), save it to some folder of your PC and send it to us as the attachment ONLY VIA CUSTOMER TICKET SUPPORT SYSTEM – http://trojan-killer.net/support/open.php
    Best regards,
    Trojan Killer customer support team.

  3. Поскажите пожалуйста мой компьютер заблокирова полиция, никуда зайти ничего сделать не могу требуют заплатить!
    Что делать?
    Заранее спасибо!

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