Personal Shield Pro rogue. How to remove Personal Shield Pro fake anti-virus

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Personal Shield Pro virus, according to the search queries of the world’s leading search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, is at the present time the inquiry number one when it comes to search for the answers on removal of PC infections, malwares and other computer threats. Obviously, this is the virus which is the “leader” in contaminating and attacking lots of computers worldwide. We have been receiving the e-mails from our customers from various countries worldwide where they asked us to help them remove this virus effectively, in spite of its numerous attempts to block its removal by users. Understanding the need in helping you to get rid of Personal Shield Pro scam, we have decided to issue one more article with the step-by-step description of the milestones for successful elimination of Personal Shield Pro scareware. Video explaining the detailed steps in order to delete Personal Shield Pro is also submitted below. Therefore, if your system has been poisoned with the infection of Personal Shield Pro, read the rest of the post and follow the removal guidelines provided below. Needless to say, never hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties or problems with deletion of Personal Shield Pro rogue application.

Personal Shield Pro virus
Personal Shield Pro fake

Facts about Personal Shield Pro virus:

Personal Shield Pro does not ask you whether you would like to see it inside of your computer or not. It does not ask your permission or consent for its infiltration, thus penetrating to your system secretly using the malicious codes and trojans. This very infiltration of Personal Shield Pro malware could be the result of weak anti-virus defense shield of your computer (either outdated anti-virus software due to outdated databases of its developers or due to your fault to update it regularly). Another risk factor for Personal Shield Pro penetration could be your Internet surfing tastes. This implies that you have to be very selective with what applications you choose to download, what links you click and what sites you generally visit. Remember that the entire world wide web is full of harmful and damaging PC infections. Additionally, be careful while reading the e-mails and while surfing the social networks. Whatever the case might be, when Personal Shield Pro gets inside of your computer you would definitely see this. By the way, Personal Shield Pro would make things in such a way that it will be launched with every Windows startup. Here are the examples of the Personal Shield Pro virus description received from scared users who had Personal Shield malware running on their workstations:

I have the dreaded “Personal Shield Pro” virus and have tried removing it by starting Windows in safe mode and opening anti-virus program but it won’t allow me to open any exe-file types saying they are suspected of being viruses! Is there any way of opening my anti-virus program or getting around this?! Thanks!

I have the Personal Shield Pro virus. All the time, it keeps popping up and tells me there is a virus detected. I have searched all over the Internet, and it says the program is created by hackers. I have tried to open at least 2 programs from other websites for removal, but the Personal Shield Pro virus tells me it can’t open. Please help!

Personal Shield Pro seems to be a virus that has my computer’s programs on lock down. I can’t access Add/Remove programs, and System Restore won’t open. y virus scanner won’t pick it up either. I keep getting an ad from Personal Shield Pro to buy their product. Please help!

Summarizing the aforesaid facts, here is what is peculiar to Personal Shield Pro:

  • Unauthorized infiltration inside of the infected PC.
  • Unauthorized startup at each Windows launching.
  • Fake system scans with each Windows startup followed by further fake reports about non-existent viruses and threats supposedly detected by Personal Shield Pro.
  • Permanent annoying popups, alerts, messages, ads and notifications originated by Personal Shield Pro stating your PC is infected and scaring you into purchasing its so-called full version to have the infections removed.
  • Blocking the Internet browser from downloading decent anti-viruses able to get rid of Personal Shield Pro.
  • Blocking the launching of available anti-viruses and anti-virus scanners capable of deleting Personal Shield Pro rogue.
  • Possible redirects to other pages, primarily meat to arrange payment processing on behalf of Personal Shield Pro and for the benefit of its developers.
  • Continuous attempts to scare you into purchasing Personal Shield Pro, totally useless application when it comes to removal of real viruses.

Thus, Personal Shield Pro, being the virus itself, is not able to redeem your PC from real viruses. It is illogical for users after reading this post to purchase Personal Shield Pro scam and virus program. Remember that this program was designed specifically for one reason – to earn money on simple and trustworthy users. The method applied has to do with scaring users and forcing them to pay for the entirely useless tool, which is Personal Shield Pro without a doubt. What you need to do is to get rid of Personal Shield Pro virus, without loitering or postponing its removal for some later day. Remember that by keeping Personal Shield Pro you are opening the gateway of your PC for further malware infiltrations. In order to have Personal Shield Pro virus removed we strongly urge you to carefully read our next section – milestones for successful removal of Personal Shield Pro virus.

Milestones for successful removal of Personal Shield Pro virus:

  • Before downloading GridinSoft Trojan Killer as the anti-virus program recommended by us for removal of Personal Shield Pro malware open your browser and download Process Killer application, the free tool from GridinSoft LLC. Process Killer is used to terminate the processes of viruses which create obstacles for launching decent anti-viruses like GridinSoft Trojan Killer. In order to download Process Killer go to your browser and insert this text into the address field:
  • Press Enter.

  • Save pkiller.exe to your hard drive folder (whatever one you choose). Afterwards you need to rename “pkiller.exe” into “explorer.exe” and launch “explorer.exe”
  • Warning: if you could not launch “explorer.exe” you may try to rename “pkiller.exe” to “iexplore.exe” or “winlogon.exe”. Then run the renamed file.

  • Upon successful termination of the process of Personal Shield Pro using Process Killer close it and download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  • Update the program, run the scan and remove all detected threats upon termination of the scan with GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Personal Shield Pro virus manual removal:

Personal Shield Pro files to be removed:
%UserProfile%\Application Data\[random digits]\[random digits].exe
Personal Shield Pro virus registry entries to be removed:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[random digits].exe″

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20 thoughts on “Personal Shield Pro rogue. How to remove Personal Shield Pro fake anti-virus

  1. Hello.

    My one laptop mysteriously got “Personal Sheild Pro” on it. I was able to locate it in %appdata% but just before renaming it I treid to end process and it was unable to end. So i shutdown and hoped i can go into Safe Mode (Turned out that was the stupidest thing i ever did!!!) Any way now i can’t even boot up. It stays at that curosor blinking when windows boots.
    Any help please, I don’t want to loose any data!

  2. Hello XTR,

    Try to make a bootable flash drive with LiveCD and run your system with the help of this device. If you do that, delete Personal Shield Pro and run you system in normal mode.
    If it does not work try another way:
    You need above-mentioned bootable flash drive with LiveCD and USB flash drive to transfer your data from your PC.
    If you have bought your laptop with software installed, there is a hot key should be in the instruction or some other way to restore the system.

  3. Hello,
    The problem is that Personal Shield Pro (PSP) apparently blocks access to internet, and I just can’t access ! Yet, I’ve managed to download this file on my android, then copied it to computer, but it didn’t start up. Then I renamed it, a window popped up saying that the process was terminated (which process exactly, I’m not sure – either explorer.exe or PSP). Nevertheless, the nasty PSP windows disappeared. Then I tried to download Troyan Killer but, again, I had no internet connection! So, this just doesn’t work. When I restared PC, the same windows of PSP popped up. Could you please help me find a solution?

  4. καλησπερα που μπορω να βρω των κωδικο για να συνεχεισv το προγραμμα?και εξουδετεροσω των ιο shield pro

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