Perfect Antivirus 2012 to avoid

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Perfect Antivirus 2012 has a noble name and professionally designed Interface, but this is just bait for gullible computer owners. Having thoroughly analyzed this anti-virus program GridinSoft Trojan Killer anti-virus Lab has got shocking results. This software is not what it claims to be. It is a rogue in all senses. In order to get the targeted PC the parasite involves Trojans. The procedure of infiltration is carried out without being noticed. Usually it is a big surprise for computer owner to see this program running on his or her machine.

At once upon penetration the pest starts messing the compromised computer. It presents fake system scanners on the contaminated computer and ends up with invented pre-programmed scan reports listing various potentially insecure objects such as spyware, adware, backdoors, worms and of course trojans. It is very unpleasant to see such scanning reports, but do not worry they do not mean nothing. They are generated to scare you into purchasing its commercial version. Do not be deceived by this scam. That’s just an illusion though – nothing real will happen after this solution will be bought, except lost money and nerves. Well, it might actually imitate some computer cleaning but it’s all phony. So what you really should do is get down to Perfect Antivirus 2012 removal right away. We would recommend you to use GridinSoft Trojan Killer to successfully get rid of Perfect Antivirus 2012 problem.

Perfect Antivirus 2012 automatic remover:

Perfect Antivirus 2012 removal sequence of steps:

  1. Through your browser window download Process Killer application (pkiller.exe). The download link is
  2. Save “pkiller.exe” to your Desktop and run it or run this program immediately.
  3. Once the malicious process of Windows Software Keeper has been disabled (terminated) shut down “pkiller.exe” (Process Killer).
  4. Through your browser window download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  5. Install, update and run anti-virus software (Trojan Killer).
  6. Remove all threats it detects during the scan.
  7. Reboot your PC and repeat the scan in the case of necessity.

Perfect Antivirus 2012 manual remover:

%commonstartmenu%\programs\perfect antivirus 2012.lnk
%commonprograms%\perfect antivirus 2012.lnk
%desktopdir%\perfect antivirus 2012.lnk

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