PC Security 2011 virus. How to get rid of PCSecurity2011?

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Whenever you happen to see PC Security 2011 on your computer do not be deceived – this is a typical rogue that requires immediate removal. Not only this is a useless tool but, more dramatically, it can do a lot of damage on the computer to which it penetrated. Bear in mind that it is also known as System Pro 2011. Whatever name is used for it does not really make any difference. Cause the features of its malicious activity and their consequences are really devastating…

PC Security 2011
PC Security 2011 virus

Therefore, you should stay away from considering and trusting this scareware. PC Security 2011, being a fake anti-spyware tool, imitates the scanning process of your system, later on reporting many critical issues and threats. In other words, PC Security 2011 looks just like the regular scareware application. It comes up on your system without your consent or approval. It just applies trojan horses to detect vulnerabilities in your Operating System. The trojans then bring the entire collection of malicious files which later on devastate your PC unbelievably. Just as it has been indicated already, PC Security 2011 initiates certain fake system scans of your PC that report numerous problems. It will tell you that you have corrupted and infected .dll files and certain corrupt processes running which are connected with backdoor viruses. The plot of its game at this stage is to persuade you in the deceitful information that your computer is allegedly vulnerable to serious threats due to the performance of malware present in it. Afterwards System Pro 2011 would offer you to buy the licensed version of this junkware as a remedy for removal of detected viruses. This is a trick you should be warned of.

It goes without saying that PC Security 2011 is targeting your money to get them out of your pocket. However, it offers nothing good in return… PC Security 2011 rogue should be removed from your PC without loitering otherwise it will mess up your computer considerably. Therefore, seek assistance from a reputable anti-virus solution in order to delete PC Security 2011 from your computer. Alternatively, you may refer to manual removal guidelines stipulated below.

PC Security 2011 automatic remover:

PC Security 2011 manual removal guide:

Delete PC Security 2011 files:
%ProgramFiles%\PC Security\PC Security.exe
%appdata%\PC Security\activate_hdr_2.png
%appdata%\PC Security\activate_hdr_bg.png
%appdata%\PC Security\at.png
%appdata%\PC Security\balloon_174.png
%appdata%\PC Security\balloon_201.png
%appdata%\PC Security\bg_button_a.png
%appdata%\PC Security\bg_button_span.png
%appdata%\PC Security\blank.gif
%appdata%\PC Security\block_p_01.png
%appdata%\PC Security\block_p_03.png
%appdata%\PC Security\blue.png
%appdata%\PC Security\critical_202.png
%appdata%\PC Security\filder.png
%appdata%\PC Security\i_1.png
%appdata%\PC Security\i_2.png
%appdata%\PC Security\i_3.png
%appdata%\PC Security\level.png
%appdata%\PC Security\loading.gif
%appdata%\PC Security\logo.png
%appdata%\PC Security\m.png
%appdata%\PC Security\off.png
%appdata%\PC Security\on.png
%appdata%\PC Security\pay.gif
%appdata%\PC Security\progressbar.gif
%appdata%\PC Security\progressbar_bg_1.gif
%appdata%\PC Security\prot.png
%appdata%\PC Security\scan_res_icon.png
%appdata%\PC Security\t01.png
%appdata%\PC Security\t02.png
%appdata%\PC Security\update.png
%appdata%\PC Security\w1.png
%appdata%\PC Security\w2.png
%appdata%\PC Security\w3.png
%appdata%\PC Security\w4.png
%appdata%\PC Security\w5.png
%appdata%\PC Security\warning_popup_072.png
%appdata%\PC Security\warning_popup_200.png
%appdata%\PC Security\windows_defender_gradient.png
%appdata%\PC Security\windows_defender_shield.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_001.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_002.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_005.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_006.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_007.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_ico1.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_ico2.png
%appdata%\PC Security\_ico3.png
%appdata%\PC Security\activate_01.png
%appdata%\PC Security\activate_02.png
%appdata%\PC Security\activate_03.png
%appdata%\PC Security\activate_hdr_1.png
%Programs%\Startup\PC Security.lnk
%Programs%\PC Security\PC Security.lnk
Delete PC Security 2011 registry entries:
HKCU\Software\PC Security\

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