PC Protection Center rogue. How to uninstall PC Protection Center virus

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We would like to emphasize your utmost attention on PC Protection Center. Please be advised that it is not capable at all of providing decent defense for your system. On the contrary, it is a fake security application that aggressively interferes into PCs by means of trojans. You should be aware of the fact that it is a follower of such viruses as PrivacyGuard 2010, PCoptimizer 2010 and Privacy Corrector which have already been described recently at our site.

PC Protection Center
PC Protection Center

It is important to note that it comes into PCs unpredictably and is later on installed independently without user’s approval or even knowledge. Upon successful setup it will initiate fake PC scans and will represent all sorts of fabricated security alerts and computer security threats that would state your PC is being under substantial virus attack.

PC Protection Center Warning
PC Protection Center Warning

Needless to mention, this is a typical malicious trick and fraudulent behavior that characterizes this program. Thus you should not trust anything it tells you do to. Moreover, PC Protection Center is really annoying with lots of redirects to certain undesired web sites that offer you to purchase the program. Remember that, as already mentioned above, this is nothing but a typical fraudulent approach, therefore nothing represented at these sites should be considered seriously. Hence, you should ignore all fake notices and get assistance from a reputable anti-spyware program in order to remove PC Protection Center as soon as you encounter its presence at your workstation.

PC Protection Center automatic remover:

PC Protection Center manual removal guide:

Delete PC Protection Center files:
%ProgramFiles%\PC\PC Protection Center
%ProgramFiles%\PC\PC Protection Center\PC Protection Center.exe
%Programs%\PC Protection Center
%Programs%\PC Protection Center\PC Protection Center.lnk
Delete PC Protection Center registry entries:
HKCU\Software\PC\PC Protection Center
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Protect “PCProtectionCenter.exe”

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