PC Defender 360 virus (uninstall instructions)

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PC Defender 360 virus removal is what many users expect. Use only decent and legitimate software to delete this malware. Ignore its fake security notifications and do not effect the payment for this rogue anti-malware tool. Please follow the removal instructions set forth below. Here is the screenshot of PC Defender 360 hoax:

PC Defender 360 virus

PC Defender 360 virus is the program, we are sure you wouldn’t like to neighbor with under any circumstances. So our aim is to inform you about this “newly born” IT fraud and prevent you from being caught with its filthy paws. It is easy to be misled by PC Defender 360 because it bears the mask of decent program, imitating the behavior of well-known antivirus engines. It lies in wait for potential victims to be caught in its nets. You may run into this parasite by simply surfing the Internet. We would recommend you to avoid clicking unsafe and infected links and downloading the information from insecure resources. PC Defender 360 implements different invading techniques, mostly it penetrates via Trojan horses, it looks for all possible system leaks also and it implements some other methods. It comes in without even notifying you or asking for authorization.

Upon successful breaking into your system PC Defender 360 initiates system checkup of doubtful trustworthiness. After the termination of such scanning process PC Defender 360 generates invented pre-programmed scanning results, stating numerous insecure objects are found. But indeed it is well designed plot how to trick you into paying money for its so-called version, which allegedly can neutralize all threats detected inside your system. Bear in mind that neither demo version nor full one can delete any viruses, because it is a virus itself. Most likely you do not have any computer threats, except for PC Defender 360. Do not transfer your money to bank account this fraud offers. If you have already done it then contact your banking establishment immediately to dispute your charges, telling them the reason. The best solution you can do for your PC is removing PC Defender 360 as soon as possible. With your permission let us provide you with removal instructions of this IT pest. Please follow the removal instructions below.

Examples of fake alerts associated with PC Defender 360 malware:

Attention Danger Alert

PC Defender 360 removal instructions:

  1. Download the installer of GridinSoft Trojan Killer’s latest version from a clean computer through the address https://trojan-killer.net/download.php
  2. Save the installer of GridinSoft Trojan Killer onto your USB Flash drive.
  3. Copy the installer of GridinSoft Trojan Killer onto your infected computer through USB Flash drive.
  4. Run GridinSoft Trojan Killer’s installer as Administrator by right-clicking its installer and choosing such option. In Windows XP click “Run as…” and select “Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity“. Click “OK”.
  5. Install the program but do not yet run Trojan Killer. Uncheck the option to run Trojan Killer at the end of its installation.
  6. Run GridinSoft Trojan Killer exe-file as Administrator by right-clicking its desktop icon and choosing such option. In Windows XP click “Run as…” and select “Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity“. Click “OK”.
  7. Run scan with Trojan Killer and remove all infections found.
  8. Restart your computer and repeat scan in the case of necessity.

PC Defender360 manual removal information:

Associated files:

%commondesktopdir%\\PC Defender 360.lnk

Associated registry entries:


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