One more threat by surfing the internet

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Analysts of our company have detected another one link that should be avoided by users. The name of this link is personal-guard[dot]com. As many other sites of this type this one is normal enough for the first time we looked at it. But the fact that this link has a doubtful products and contant is real. By using above-mentioned site user may get some viruses not even downloading something. So we warn you not to take a risk and not to go there for the safety of your systems.


You can see below the button where you can upload our product GridinSoft Trojan Killer. We recommend you to scan your PC with the help of this program just to be sure you have not picked up any malicious program and your system is free from dangerous barwares. We assure you that our product is reliable and there is nothing for you to be afraid of by using it.

It is our duty to give you such information about such doubtful sites so you can make your own choice by entering them or not. Be very careful when you surfing the internet.

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