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XSS sårbarhet tillatt trengende Googles interne systemer

google XSS bug

Tilbake i februar i år, 16-år gammel bug-jeger fra deres Tsjekkia, Thomas Orlita, oppdaget en farlig sårbarhet i et Google-backend-programmet. Discovered bug allowed stealing cookies from company’s internal applications and user’s cookies, og med deres hjelp organisere phishing angrep og få tilgang til andre deler av Google interne nettverket. Problemet ble løst i april, Og, after waiting some

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Google annonserte legge til to nye funksjoner i Chrome nettleser

Google Chrome

Google planlegger å legge inn sine leser to nye funksjoner – støtte av cookie-filer fra samme nettstedene og beskyttelse fra å ta digitale fingeravtrykk. Selskapet kunngjorde begge funksjonene på den årlige I / O 2019 konferanse. I hvilken versjon av Chrome kommer ekstra beskyttelse, er ikke rapportert. Den største endringen vil berøre cookies-filer behandling og vil basere på IETF-standard som …

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Google Play Protect turned up to be the least effective Android protection

Google Play Protect

As show results of recent antivirus solutions testing for Android, solely usage of Google Play Protect is insufficient for ensuring safety from cyberthreats. Researchers from AV-TEST analyzed 19 antivirus products on their effectiveness, functionality and convenience of usage. On every of these three parameters applications was scored with maximum of 6 points for effectiveness and convenience and 1 point for

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Gjennom sårbarheter i Chrome for iOS trafikk dirigerer på kommersielle nettsteder

Chrome for iOS

Experts from Confiant company that specializes on tracing malware advertisement campaigns say that hackers often use vulnerability in Chrome for iOS for redirecting iPhone and iPad users on fraud websites. Researchers already reported Google about the issue and its developers analyze this information. mest sannsynlig, that soon they will issued a patch. Existing bug allows attackers to use malware code

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Gmail was a first mail service that launched safety standards MTA-STS and TLS Reporting support


According to Google message, Gmail became first big mailing service that supports new safety standards MTA-STS and TLS Reporting. Both standards are extensions for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that is a protocol used for sending of all emails today. MTA-STS and TLS Reporting assist email-services in establishing cryptographically protected connections with each other. In some kind, it is prevention

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