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Named three American antivirus producers, hacked by Fxmsp band

Cybercriminal or cybercriminals under the nick Fxmsp, have stolen and put on sale source codes of antivirus products and other confidential information.

About it recently reported Trojan–Killer. Because of security reasons, names of affected vendors were not disclosed.

Nevertheless, BleepingComputer portal managed to get from Internet-security company AdvIntel exclusive unedited evidence that disclosed Fxmsp victims.

AdvIntel collected information about Fxmsp band activity and working with it sellers (majorly Russian-speaking).

In particular, researchers intercepted correspondence where group participants discussed sales of stolen data. In messages discussed source codes of Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro.

Correspondence (in Russian) where group participants discussed sales of stolen data
Correspondence (in Russian) where group participants discussed sales of stolen data

AdvIntel specialists say that at their disposal is full correspondence of Fxmsp participants where mentioned Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro and other vendors, actives footage that was used by cybercriminals in this operation, and examples of source codes from at least one affected company.

“A fourth antivirus company may also have been hacked, but it’s name and location remain unknown”, — reported AdvIntel representative.

According to content of messages, attackers stolen data through the vulnerability. They managed to invade in local corporate network and vendors were not aware about hijacking of their data. As movement inside the network was performed through legitimate Team Viewer and AnyDesk software, installed security solutions were not alarmed.

“Everything was quiet. If they would know that somethings was missing, it would be only in case of leaking this information in the Internet”, – said in one of the messages.

AdvIntel connected with all mentioned above producers and reported about an incident.

Initially Symantec denied that received any notifications from AdvIntel but later assured users that there is no security threat.

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According to Trend Micro notification, cybercriminals managed to get access to one of company’s contractors laboratory and steal non-critical information about software debugging. Users’ data and source codes were not stolen, assure in Trend Micro.

McAfee ignored AdvIntel notification.

Source: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com

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