Modified version of System Restore virus. How to delete it

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  1. maurizio says:

    la versione del virus si è aggiornata. ora per accedere a explorer occorre andare sulla barra delle applicazioni in basso a destra dato che tutto il resto scompare.

  2. Kim says:

    I follow your instruction step by step. It was very easy and it worked like a charm. Thank you!!!

  3. gunther says:

    not* instead of now

  4. Malcolm says:


    I am contacting you to thank you for the explanation elimination and restoration of my computer folloing a disc scan virus. I found many “solutuions” on the web but yours was the successful solution in the end, assisted by the tutorial. My system is up and running thanks to your software

    Many Thanks

    Malcolm Gill

  5. arthur says:

    bonjour, comment fais t’on pour obtenir le code d’activation ?
    je ne le trouve pas….
    urgent !
    un grand merci pour ce qui me reponde!

  6. andreas says:


    You can request the activation key for the trial version here:

  7. Prasad Ram says:

    The tutorials are helpful…. This is the same exact problem which happened to my laptop today !!! i’m trying the steps mentioned in the video …. Let me see what happens…

  8. Laura says:

    Ho lo stesso problema… non so neanche come sia successo sto casino sul mio pc…
    ho seguito le istruzioni del video, ma ora nn riesco a trovare la chiave di attivazione per la versione prova del programma…. cioè l’avrei anche trovata ma non funzionaaa

  9. Daniel says:

    Followed every step, still don’t have my background or my programs back.the restore fails in the command module

  10. andreas says:


    If you have some problems with the program or removal. please, write us here:

    We will help you to cope with your problem.

  11. husna says:

    hello…my computer have problem such as Hiding files and folders of your system, making them all non-viewable (invisible)
    Turning your desktop into the black color theme mode without the option to amend it
    Making the list of programs in the Start menu seem to disappear (empty or gone)
    Hiding the icons of your desktop, inability to use the desktop at all
    Permanent notices about all kinds of errors on your computer
    Asking you to pay for System Restore fake system utility in order to get rid of fake errors
    so what i can do???

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