Metropolitan Police Total Policing virus

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Metropolitan Police Total Policing notification that locks the desktop of attacked computer and asks to pay a fine of 100 GBP to unlock the blocked system is surely a scareware. It’s a ransomware locker which originates from a clan of desktop lockers referred to as “Rannoh” – this particular ransomware infection is especially severe because it not only blocks user’s PC but additionally it encrypts the files stored on user’s hard drives. Keep in mind that the message which indicates that such PC lock was applied because of downloading copyrighted videos, music files etc. is another scam and is used to scare PC users into paying an unreal fine. This is not the fine, of course. This is the ransom that goes directly into the pockets of cyber crooks, the developers of this particular ransomware locker.

Metropolitan Police Total Policing virus

Active PC users should keep in mind that Metropolitan Police Total Policing isn’t associated with this notification, this ransomware scam was elaborated by the load of online crooks who aim to trick trusting computer users and who expect of such users to pay fake fine in their favor. This particular virus is targeted at PC users from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, still, these threats can also be localized – computer users from various countries will see this notification differently. Previous versions of this scam used the names of West Yorkshire Police, Gema and many other similar ransomwares. If you encounter such notification on your PC you can be sure that your system is infected with a ransomware – ignore the fake alert and don’t pay the ransom.

Metropolitan Police Total Policing scam is being spread via drive-by downloads and Trojan horses. Cyber crooks are using identified security vulnerabilities in user’s PC to infect them with their malicious desktop lockers. In order to prevent such ransomware penetrations you must keep your software and all of the installed applications such as Java, Flash, etc. duly updated. You must also apply legitimate security and anti-malware tools to protect your permanent online surfing. Keep in mind that paying the forfeit of 100 GBP using Ukash is in fact transferring your funds to online crooks. To remove Metropolitan Police Total Policing malware from your system please follow the malware removal tips listed below.

Metropolitan Police Total Policing removal steps:

  1. Restart your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.
  2. Safe Mode with Networking

  3. Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and scan your system with it.
  4. Download and run Kaspersky’s RannohDecryptor to decrypt your data through this download link
  5. Kaspersky RannohDecryptor

After following the above-mentioned steps the Metropolitan Police Total Policing virus should be removed from your system.

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