Malex ransomware. A new threat to remove.

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We have detected a new ransomware inside the web at present time that infects lots of systems all over the world. It is called Malex ransomware. The name is new though the ransomware is kind of old one. This is the malware we have already written you about many times. You may already know such ransomwares from this family as FBI virus, Police Central e-crime Unit (PCEU) and many others. The main goal of this ransomware is to scare you into the giving your money. How can it convince you to do that? When Malex virus penetrates into your system in automatically blocks everything so you do not have access to anything at all. You have only one message in front of you saying that you need to pay some sum of money if you want your system to be unblocked.

Malex ransomware
Malex ransomware

Apparently you have been seen and caught by this “legal” program because of using some illegal materials and visiting sites and links with adult content. Of course, all of this is totally fake. Do not even think about giving your money for anything! That is exactly what the rogue wants you to do. All you have to do is to eliminate this from your system. The threat creates its own file here: %appdata%\svchost.exe as well as the parameter svchost with the %appdata%\svchost.exe meaning in the startup:

What should you do to get rid of the threat manually:

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