Live Security Professional virus (removal instructions)

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Live Security Professional is a fake antivirus program. It displays fake security alerts and warnings to scare users into buying it. Remove Live Security Professional using reliable security program, or by following the manual steps described in the guidelines.

Live Security Professional

Live Security Professional does not possess with the features of good antivirus. It simply imitates the traits of security software, but in reality this is a typical scam that doesn’t render the promised level of antivirus protection. This rogue antivirus comes to infected PC when you don’t expect it. The infiltration is carried out in a hidden manner, without your approval. Additionally, the rogue modifies your PC in a way that allows the hoax to be launched automatically together with every system startup. As you see, the behavior of this program proves the fact that it is the badware requiring immediate removal.

Users must be aware that Live Security Professional runs the multitude of fake scans of your PC. They are all initiated each time one turns on the PC; thus, they’re inevitable for you to encounter. It is peculiar that such scans last for just a couple of seconds, and the problems reported by the rogue are all but rake and unreal. Likewise, the promises of the hoax to fix your PC and to clean it from malwares are not grounded on real facts. Keep in mind that the hoax has the goal to convince you to pay money for its fake license, but it cannot render any decent protection for you. So, do not obey its instructions. Instead of buying the badware remove it immediately using certain reliable anti-malware utility we recommend below.

Software necessary for complete removal of Live Security Professional rogue:

Removal video guide:

Manual removal:

Files added:


Registry entries added:

HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Run\\ctfmon32.exe %CommonAppData%\\rundll32.exe %CommonAppData%\\doe4lo.dat,XFG00
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Main\\NoProtectedModeBanner 1
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Main\\ShowedCheckBrowser Yes
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\Zones\\0\\2500 3
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\Zones\\1\\2500 3
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\Zones\\2\\2500 3
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\Zones\\3\\2500 3
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\Zones\\4\\2500 3

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