Links and your system’s safety

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Nowadays there a lot of viruses through the internet. Moreover there are a lot of anti-virus sites that assure that they can help to detect and delete numerous malwares. But not each of them are so reliable as you might have thought. If sites propose you an anti-virus or some other program in a good-looking effecting with many fancy and marvellous additions to them, in does not mean that their products can be really safe or can even help you in removeing spywares from your systems. Many of such links are developed to trick you so you can buy their products, which indeed are useless, or to throw you several scams and barwares.

One of these sites is windowsdef[dot]com. You cannot be sure about any site in the web. It’s obvious. But we can help you to detect some of them by “opening” them to you, so in future you will not make a mistake by entering them.


If you are not sure about have you been already inside these sites or not, we recommend you to check your system by scanning it with our help. Our help to you is our product GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Scan your PC with it and just be sure your system is clean from badwares.

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