Latvijas Policijas virus. Jūsu dators ir blokėts scam

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The warning that you see depicted at the screenshot below is not a real warning from Latvia Police. This is surely a scam developed by the pack of online fraudsters and cyber hackers. In fact, this is a serious ransomware locker that completely disables the desktop of the infected computer with its scary notification. Users cannot actually do anything to unlock the system. Restarting the system doesn’t really help in this case, irrespective of the number of reboot attempts. Hence, the computer is locked, and the virus program asks for certain amount of money to be paid in favor of the crooks in order to unlock the PC.

Latvijas Policijas virus
Latvijas Policijas virus

The ransomware locker that you see depicted at the screenshot is an international infection that attacks many European countries, not only Latvia. The is a special Reveton Trojan that is very dangerous, because it asks money to be paid in favor of these online hacker that have elaborated it. In the majority of the cases the virus instructs users to donate the funds (ransom) via Ukash or Paysafecard payment systems. Hoever, keep in mind that neither Ukash nor Paysafecard are associated with this scareware. This is the direct product of ransomware writers, who deserve to be put into prison immediately for their numerous crimes they’ve committed.

In order to unlock the PC from ransomware infection you need to immediately ignore the scary contents of the locker. Then, finally, please search for the correct and powerful anti-virus solution that will help you eliminate this junkware from your system. We recommend you to follow the instructions below that explain how to get rid of this scam with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Text of ransomware’s scary warning that you should ignore:

Latvijas Policijas
Kibernoziegumi Departaments
Jūsu dators ir blokėts
Jūs esat parkapėjs, Jūsu darblba nav likumlga un paredz kriminalatbildibu.

Taiak minėti iespejami parkapumi: 174. pants – AutortiesTbas
BrtvTbas atnemšana no 2 ITdz 5 gadiem (Autordarbu izmantošana vai izplatTšana). Naudas sods no 9 OOO LVL ITdz 10 000 LVL
183. pants – Pornografija
BrtvTbas atnemšana no 2 ITdz 3 gadiem (Pornografisku failu izmantošana vai izplatTšana). Naudas sods no 9 000 LVL ITdz 11 000 LVL
184. pants – Pornografija ar berniem (jaunakiem par 18 gadiem)
BrtvTbas atnemšana no 10 ITdz 15 gadiem (Pornografisku failu izmantošana vai izplatTšana). Naudas sods no 10 000 LVL ITdz 20 000 LVL
104. pants – Terorisma atbalstTšan
BrtvTbas atnemšana ITdz 25 gadiem bez apeiacijas tiesTbam (Teroristu grupejumu lapu apmekiešarta). Naudas sods no 15 000 LVL ITdz 23 000 LVL Tpašuma konfiskacija.
68. pants – VTrusu programmu izplatTšana.
BrtvTbas atnemšana ITdz 2 gadiem O/Trusu programmu, kas kaitė eitiem datoriem, radTšana vai izplatTšana). Naudas sods no 7 000 LVL ITdz 14 000 LVL
113. pants – Nelicencetas programmatūras izmantošana
BrtvTbas atnemšana ITdz 2 gadiem (Nelicencetas programmatūras izmantošana). Naudas sods no 5 000 LVL ITdz 11 000 LVL
99. pants – Krapšana ar maksajumu kartem, nelikumTgas operacijas ar maksajumu kartem
BrtvTbas atnemšana ITdz 5 gadiem (Operacija ar maksajumu karti vai tas rekvizTtiem, ko nav uzsacis vai nav apstiprinajis tas turetajs). Naudas sods no 15 000 LVL ITdz 38 000 LVL, Tpašuma konfiskacija
156. pants – Pornografiska satura surogatpasta izplatTšana izmantojot elektroniškas vestules un sociaios tTklus). Naudas sods no 8 000 LVL ITdz 16 000 LVL

Ransomware unlocking procedure

Note! This tutorial is effective for all GreenDot MoneyPak, Ukash and Paysafecard ransomwares.

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 while it is restarting.
  2. Choose safe mode with networking.
  3. safe mode with networking

  4. Press Start menu and select Run, or press [Win]+R on keyboard.
  5. Run command

  6. Type msconfig
  7. msconfig

  8. Disable startup items rundll32 turning on any application from Application Data.
  9. Restart your system once again.
  10. Scan your system with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to identify file and delete it.

Some versions of these viruses disable all safe modes, but give a short gap that you can use to run anti-malware programs. Then do following:

  1. Reboot normally.
  2. Click Start and choose Run.
  3. Enter the text specified in the quotation below. If malware is loaded, just press Alt+Tab once and keep entering the string blindly then press Enter.

  5. Press Alt+tab and then R (letter) a couple of times. The process of ransomware virus should be killed after you succeed to download, install our recommended software and scan your PC with it.

Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for thorough system checkup

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