Liq: Malware

jê SmartCloud (Softcnapp)

SmartCloud (Softcnapp) is a SCMBManager.exe Trojan kind of malware and it’;s enfeksiyona. Derfetên in, bê software antî-Pêşeka, hûn jî bi wê fehm bikî dijîn komputera te. If your security software is flashing.;.;.;

Pluto TV - çawa jê

Pluto TV –; çawa jê

Pluto TV is a fraudulent application for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge û Internet Explorer. It can track any online activity on the infected machine. With this program, cybercriminals rely on this adware.;.;.;

Bikini Waxing Tprdpw64.exe Malware

The Tprdpw64.exe process is considered as a malicious, which may be enabled and running on your system. It may be even traced through the Task Manager, lebê, removing this process is not an easy.;.;.;

How to Remove cpx.exe virus

cpx.exe is a malicious executable. It’s a red flag for trouble. Ji ber vê yekê, you already know what to do, don’t you? Tackle the parasite on the spot. Malware becomes more dangerous and more problematic as.;.;.;

VMXclient.exe process

SmartService process removal

SmartService is a new type of infection, that stands for a malicious process which may be enabled and running in your computer. The main process of it VMXclient.exe can connect to the web sites.;.;.; pop-ups removal is one of the most unsafe malware that actually targets Windows OS. Bingehî, this virus comes under the categories of adware and mainly founded by the hackers to throws ads like coupons codes,.;.;.;

My ShopMate –; çawa bibî?

My ShopMate is unsafe application which has been identified as malicious software and Adware that causes severe security issues on users’ system. Most of users had no idea when and where they got hit.;.;.;

PC Help Center Tools

Remove PC Help Center Tools virus

PC Help Center Tools is a scary pop-up window. Some users may see this warning in their browsers and will be quite surprised to find out that their PC is infected with Rogues, trojans,.;.;.;