PC 복구 바이러스. PC 수리 사기를 제거 하는 방법

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PC 수리 virus comes to the attacked machine like a wolf in the clothes of a sheep, like a thief at night. It brings no relief to PC users but, 그와는 반대로, it makes them really worried about the fate of their workstations. 우리를 믿지합니다, these users who have their computers infected with PC Repair virus have grounds to be worried.

PC Repair rogue
PC 복구 바이러스

It would appear that some day they would turn their PC on and then they would not encounter the normal desktop of their workstation but, instead of it, they would see the empty desktop, without any icons on it, without any programs in the start menu, without the desired files and folders. 말할 필요도 없이, they would indeed be very much surprised. What is up with their computer? Where are the missing files? What about the folders and the programs in the start menu? Where are my desktop icons? What is PC Repair finally? These are all the questions which the users would definitely ask themselves once PC Repair gets inside of their computers and start doing very many evil deeds inside of them. 잘, the main goal of this article is to tell you the real story about PC Repair program. 우선, let us assure you that this is the virus program and not any kind of decent tool at all. 둘째, this virus has the aim of getting more and more money from you by means of tricking and scaring trusting users. Thirdly, it would initiate plenty of interventions into the common life of your PC which would cause all of the aforesaid problems of which we told you in the very beginning of our post. 마지막 하지만 적어도, PC Repair is the program which requires immediate removal.

그래서, there are several options on how to delete this scareware. These options include automatic and manual removal. Automatic removal is recommended with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer, the powerful anti-malware scanner and rogue killer. As for manual elimination of this rogueware, we can boldly assert that this is a difficult assignment requiring extra computer knowledge and skills. 그래서, 제발, whatever option you choose, make sure and delete this virus of PC Repair at once, without any piece of hesitation. Doing so fast would secure you from further malware aggression. By using and running GridinSoft Trojan Killer you may clean your PC from other cyber parasites.

1. 취소 GridinSoft 트로이 킬러의 최신 버전을 다운로드 (감염 되지 않은) 컴퓨터 설치.

2. 바이러스 데이터베이스 업데이트.
3. 귀하의 점프 드라이브에 폴더 전체를 "GridinSoft 트로이 킬러"를 복사 (메모리 스틱). 일반적으로 그것은 다음 경로에 위치: (C:\프로그램 FilesGridinSoft 트로이 킬러). "C" 컴퓨터의 시스템 디스크의 약자. 시스템 디스크의 이름, 그러나, 다른 문자로 표시 될 수 있습니다..
4. 귀하의 점프 드라이브를 엽니다 (메모리 스틱). 거기 폴더 "GridinSoft 트로이 킬러"를 찾아. 그거 여세요 , 이름 "trojankiller.exe"에서 파일을 찾아서 이름을 "iexplore.exe"로.
5. 감염 된 PC에 메모리를 이동, "GridinSoft 트로이 킬러" 폴더를 열고 실행된 iexplore.exe. (선택 사항): 점프 드라이브에서 귀하의 PC에서 만든 몇 가지 다른 폴더 폴더 "GridinSoft 트로이 킬러"를 복사 하 고 "iexplore.exe"를 실행.

The procedure of removal of PC Repair virus is shown in the video below:

PC Repair modifies your file system in such a way that all files and folders become hidden. 이 "숨겨진된" 특성을 제거 하려면 사용자가이 사이트에서 Unhider를 호출 하는 응용 프로그램을 다운로드할 수 있습니다. https://trojan-killer.net/download/unhider.exe 그것을 실행. 파일 및 폴더 시스템이 정상 모드로 다시 복원 해야 합니다.. 신중 하 게 해주십시오 아래 비디오 가이드 당신에 게 파일을 복원 하는 방법을 설명 합니다, 폴더, 바탕 화면, 아이콘 및 시작 메뉴의 프로그램.

PC Repair manual removal guide:

Delete PC Repair files:
%Desktop%\PC Repair.lnk
%Programs%\PC Repair
%Programs%\PC Repair\PC Repair.lnk
Delete PC Repair registry entries:
HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun "[무작위]"
HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun "[무작위].exe "

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