Windows ツール修正プログラム ウイルスやその除去のヒント.

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Trojan Killer antimalware Lab has detected new computer threat in the web. The name of it is Windows Tools Patch. For most of us it seems that this is a good program, but it is only first thought Windows Tools Patch is the name of a rogue that has belonged to the huge virus clan of rogue anti-spyware programs. The latest incarnation of this program appeared under the name of Windows Personal Doctor. This rogue involves Trojans for its installation on the targeted PC. The pest is installed without your knowledge by exploiting vulnerabilities in the security facilities available on your computer when visiting normally safe sites that have been hacked with exploit kits.

Windows Tools Patch
Windows Tools Patch

The infection will then be configured to start automatically when you login to Windows. 疑いもなく, Windows Tools Patch was designed to scare you into thinking that your computer has a security problem so that you will then purchase its so-called commercial version which can allegedly eliminate all detected insecure items. For no reason should you purchase this fraudulent app, and if you have already done it, you should contact your credit card company and revoke the charges stating that the program is a computer virus. GridinSoft Trojan Killer will help you to eradicate this unwanted program quickly and effectively. Make sure to update the program before launching it. If any questions occur while killing this virus, contact us any time. We will render you support service 24/7.
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Windows Tools Patch automatic remover:

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