HFvRrYi.exe - mögulega hættulegt skráarsnið sem dreifist Multi Defender malwares

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It has been noticed by us recently that there are various malicious links that spread and install the malicious executable of the most contemporary fake anti-spyware programs, eins XP Defender, Vista Defender, Win Defender or Win7 Defender. The name of this malicious installer is HFvRrYi.exe . If you ever see such a link that ends with this set of symbols please be very careful while opening or executing it. Þetta er hættulegt, because launching this installer may bring serious malware into your system.

There are many infected links in the cyber world today that spread various infections, including HFvRrYi.exe installer of Multi Defender malware. The same installer may actually produce various examples of a really similar fake anti-spyware program. svo, its name modifications can be as follows:

  • XP Defender
  • Vista Defender
  • Win Defender
  • Win7 Defender

All of the above-mentioned programs are fake anti-virus applications. They claim to run so-called scanning of your system, þó, the only truth we know about this scan is that it is totally fake one. The threats reported by it are all but invented. They aren’t real because they don’t dwell on your system. Auðvitað, there are various ways how these malwares can be spread. Malicious links with “HFvRrYi.exe” component (embætti) is just one of many ways for spreading this scam by hackers. Þess vegna, be wise not to download the malicious installer of this faulty anti-virus program (hvaða nafni sem það hefur). Þess í stað, scan you system with our recommended security software –; GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Fake AV removal tool:

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