Internet Security Suite rogue. How to get rid of Internet Security Suite fake antivirus application

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  1. Veli says:

    Hi Trojan Killer, thank u very much für manuell instructions for “killin” the programm: “internet security suite”. It worked and saved my PC! Others Virus-Pograms, like Avast or Antivir could’t help in this situation!


  2. Flaming Snowflake says:

    This Better Work Because I Have Been Waiting For This Malicious Software to Stop Ruining The Hardrive Space and The Speed of My Computer.

    -The Administartor of Cooper Inc.

  3. Flaming Snowflake says:

    It has so Far Deleted Half of It.
    However, not ALL of the Trojan has Been Destroyed But If It Is I Shall Send My Grattitude Towards You Trojan Killer,

    -The Administrator of Cooper Inc.

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