Internet Security 2011 rogue. How to get rid of Internet Security 2011 fake anti-spyware application.

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We take heed to notify you that new extremely malicious virus is actively penetrating to many computers these days. Now it is called Internet Security 2011 and, by the way, it originates from the rogue family of Antivirus 2010. You need to be aware of the fact that this fake application infiltrates PCs through malware that is normally installed automatically onto your PC without your authorization or even knowledge of this circumstance. This goal is also reached with the help of some web sites that state of themselves as certain online anti-malware scanners.

Internet Security 2011
Internet Security 2011

Upon its successful installation it will launch series of PC scans and would state that there are lots of viruses present on your computer. However, it will not let you remove any of these fabricated threats until you finally decide to obtain this tool. At the same time, you will not be able to get rid of them by means of Internet Security 2011 even after you pay for it, because the truth is that it is just not a decent program at all. This is nothing but a typical scareware, since all of the files it reports as infections are actually legitimate Windows files and programs. Hence, you should not manually delete any of the files it detects, since it may be the cause of major system dysfunctions.

It is important to emphasize your attention on the fact that this fake application is very hard to delete due to the fact that it comes in combination with some rootkit that terminates and later on blocks future access to any program that scans a particular process. As soon as a program is terminated this rootkit will amend the security permissions on the executable file, hence it will not be possible for you to launch the application again. Needless to say, you will know when Internet Security 2011 modifies the permission on a program because when you make the attempt to launch the program you will encounter a Windows message that tells that you are not authorized to access the specified file or path. Hence you will not able to launch the desired application.

To summarize the aforesaid, Internet Security 2011 was developed in order to frighten you that your system was considerably infected so that you will then make the decision to pay for it. However, we now think you are smart enough not to be tricked in such a manner. Thus, please keep out from purchasing this junkware. Seek assistance from a well-known and decent anti-virus tool or, as an option, use the below-given manual removal instructions for successful deletion of Internet Security 2011.

Internet Security 2011 automatic remover:

Internet Security 2011 manual removal guide:

Delete Internet Security 2011 files
%WinDir%\system32\us?rinit.exe (Do not delete the C:\Windows\System32\userinit.exe file)
Delete Internet Security 2011 Registry entries
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center “AntiSpywareOverride” = “1″

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