File integrity checker – fake HDD’s misleading self-appraisal

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There are many fake hard drive defragmenters and bogus system optimizers nowadays that represent themselves as some file integrity checkers. We can tell of System Check, System Fix and System Restore malware programs as random examples of such bogus system enhancers. Such applications enter PCs with poor security status and low level of anti-virus protection. In the majority of cases the infiltration of these viruses is largely due to failure of security software developers to update their databases on a timely basis. Thus, the threat finds the leak and slowly but steadily enters the realms of your computer.

Fake integrity checker

After successful installation without your consent the malware makes a real mess out of your previously clean computer. It hides the majority of your files by adding the hidden attribute to them. In addition, it relocates these files and folders to specifically designated and created directories that are also hidden from user’s sight. This is one of the worst amendments that these fake HDDs implement on infected computer. Apart of this, these fabricated system optimizers claim various other system, memory, registry and hard drive errors and bugs. They also try to convince users into paying for their licensed version. We hope your name will not be entered into the list of users deceived by such hoaxes. The reports these programs present are about fake problems that aren’t even peculiar to your computer. The only problem that you should get rid of is such unwanted program itself. It is not any sort of file integrity checker. Vise-versa, it is a file integrity destructor. Its successful removal can be performed with the help of full functional version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer. In addition, this security software would assist you in restoring your data that was hidden by the above-mentioned malware devices.

Fake HDD automatic remover:

How to restore your missing data with GridinSoft Trojan Killer:

  1. Click “Tools” menu and select “Restore hidden files” option. Alternatively, you may simply use the hotkey “Ctrl + 4” while GridinSoft Trojan Killer is running.
  2. GridinSoft Tools to restore hidden files
    GridinSoft Tools to restore hidden files
  3. Click “Yes” in the window that appeared.

Fake HDD removal video guide:

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