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In new patch Microsoft corrected 74 bugs, including two 0-day vulnerabilities

Microsoft Corporation issued update package that treats 74 bugs, including two zero-day (0-day) vulnerabilities in different products.

Two recently discovered issues as CVE-2019-0803 and CVE-2019-0859 are vulnerabilities of privilege shift that involve Win32k component.

According to Microsoft description, bug exists due to incorrect procession of memory volumes, and its exportation allows using a code in a kernel mode. As a result, hackers may gain access to programs install and removal, change and delete data, create new accounts with full rights etc.

Among others producer repaired a series of critical vulnerabilities in different components, in particular, CVE-2019-0824, CVE-2019-0825 and CVE-2019-0827 in DBMS Microsoft Access and CVE-2019-0853 in Windows GDI+ part. Full list of addressed errors can be found here.

Source: https://news.sophos.com/en-us/2019/04/09/microsoft-fixes-74-bugs-in-its-april-2019-patch-tuesday-releases/

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