Ihdefender.exe virus process termination

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Don’t mess with ihdefender.exe, another malicious process of Internet Security rogue. This program can trick and deceive you when you don’t even expect to be fooled so easily. This rogue comes into PCs via leaks in your system security and other security gaps in your AV software that actually allows this hoax to penetrate into your machine. Once installed, the rogue begins to imitate the scanning of your computer and then reports various fake infections supposedly available on your computer. This information does not correspond with the real facts about your PC’s infected status. Well, the truth is that your machine is addicted to virus, but this virus is ihdefender.exe itself. So, this is the pest that should be deleted instead of those invented threats reported by it.

Internet Security virus

Fake scan of your computer is initiated by Internet Security hoax on a regular basis, in fact, each time you turn your computer on. Such amendment was introduced initially during the installation process of this scam. Seeing permanent popups, notifications and warnings of the rogue is another unwanted surprise for many users whose systems got infected with this hoax. The malware tries to persuade you that your system is in danger. However, keep in mind that the so-called scanning of your system by ihdefender.exe is over at the lapse of about 1 minute or even less, and this is a totally unreal time for true scan completion. Legitimate antiviruses never act like that. It takes some time to detect malware vulnerabilities and to warn users about them (when they are real). Well, this is not the case with the above-said malicious tool. As we said, its imitated scanning of your machine is quicker than anything. Trusting the faulty and deceitful statements of it is the mistake on your part. And, or course, the worst thing is when somebody is convinced to make the payment for this malady that is unable to heal your PC. Instead of actually curing it from malware threats this rogue infects it even more by inviting its other malicious agents that can bring even more serious threats to your workstation.

The removal of ihdefender.exe (Internet Security Pro) is nowadays a more complicated process. This malware blocks launching (downloads) of legitimate security software and even of Task Manager program to terminate its process. To delete this pest we recommend you to follow the guidelines outlined below.

GridinSoft LLC and GridinSoft Trojan Killer are NOT connected, associated or consorted with the developers of Internet Security rogue anti-virus software.

Internet Security manual removal guide:

Delete Internet Security files:
%desktop%\Internet Security.lnk
Delete Internet Security registry entries:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Internet Security

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