How to uninstall Win7 AV rogue anti-spyware tool. Automatic and manual removal guide

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Win7 AV (in some cases also referred to as Win 7 AV) is nothing but a rogue anti-spyware application pretending to detect hazardous malware and then suggesting its paid version for removal. As soon as it penetrates into your system it would report fake system security alerts and detect non-existent malware on the system.

Win7 AV
Win7 AV

To make a long story short, Win7 AV is just a fake anti-spyware tool which may seem to be a regular antivirus software that has an attractive design and offers many allegedly useful options. However, in reality it is not all as powerful as it seems. Our team of software developers analyzed this program and came to the resolution that Win7 AV is nothing but a fake virus defense application that promises a lot but does not actually do anything good to your PC. Win7 AV secretly penetrates to the system, and once inside Win7 AV begins its malicious activity directed at changing your system settings and amending certain important registry entries. As soon as this task is over it will start to control most of the processes on user’s system. But, at the same time, the worst thing is the fact that Win7 AV would commence its very irritating activity promoting malware. It will then appear that every time you launch your PC the scam software would initiate a rogue malware scanner that finally presents a report about a list of detected threats. People are simply tricked by its misleading notifications when they browse the web and pushed into downloading and installing this program which they think is a completely legitimate tool. In the same manner Win7 AV has the tendency to present lots of popup alerts that would not stop telling you about insecure software (trojans, viruses, keyloggers, dialers etc.) that it supposedly has revealed on your system. We therefore take heed to warn you that this is not true information, so do not follow this trick. Do not trust its faulty promises and take steps to permanently remove Win7 AV from your system. After all, Win7 AV is definitely not a program you would like to have on your computer. If you find that your computer is infected with this virus please get rid of it as soon as possible. Please carefully follow the recommendations provided below on how to get rid of Win7 AV without letting it corrupt your operating system.

Please be advised that GridinSoft LLC and IS NOT associated, affiliated, consorted, or connected with the publishers or creators of Win7 AV. In the same manner this article should not be wrongly treated or understood in being associated in any way with the promotion or endorsement of malware. Our only intention is to provide information that would give instructions to PC users on how to detect and completely remove malware from their computers with the help of Gridinsoft Trojan Killer and/or manual removal instructions stipulated below. Thus, this article should be used for educational and informational purposes only.

Win7 AV automatic remover. Why don’t you use GridinSoft Trojan Killer to permanently get rid of this infection?

    Win7 AV manual removal guide:

    Delete Win7 AV files:

    Win7 AV.exe

    Delete Win7 AV registry entries:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Win7 AV”

    However, please be aware that manual removal of Win7 AV is a time-consuming undertaking. Moreover, it does not always ensure full deletion of the rogue due to the fact that certain files might be hidden or even may be restored automatically afterwards. In addition, such a manual interference might damage the PC. That’s why we strongly recommend automatic removal of Win7 AV. By choosing GridinSoft Trojan Killer for this purpose you will be able to save your time and get the required result.

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2 thoughts on “How to uninstall Win7 AV rogue anti-spyware tool. Automatic and manual removal guide

  1. שלום,
    אני רוצה להודות לכל מי שכתב את תוכן זה.
    כל הזמן קיבלתי אזהרות מפני וירוסים אך ידעתי שיש בעייה עם התוכנה כי זה הראה לי רק 3 כוננים ויצר ליי תץקייה מזויפת.
    עכשיו בגלל שהתוכנה עושה pop up אז היא פגעה לי במספר תוכנות שקפיצה של גורם או הודעה מסוימת תצא מהם, אז הנתרגזתי והחלטתי לשים לזה סוף, ראיתי את האתר הזה, הורדתי את התוכנה וברגע זה היא סורקת לי את המחשב. (מה ש av המזורגג לא יכל לעשות). (דרך אגב התוכנה חסמה לי חלק מהמסך ואימה לבצע shutdown למחשב אם אני לא אקליד ססמא מטומטמת, שבינינו אין שום סיבה למחשב לעשות דבר כזה..)
    אך עדיין לא הבנתי מי הפיץ את התוכנה הזאת ולמה לא שורפים את המשפחה שלו בעודו רואה אותם.
    אם אני אמצא את הבן אדם שכתב את הוירוס הנורא הזה, אני נשבע שהוא ישלם על מה שהוא עשה לי ולעוד כמה ילדים תמימים שאבותיהם החליטו להוריד “אנטי וירוס”..

  2. hey! thank you so much dude. this was a fantastic oautritl. for the first time i have irrevocably gotten rid of those intrusive fake virus protection add pop ups by myself and it was sooo simple!!! hahaha thanks alot!!!

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