How to remove Internet Protection scam from your computer?

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GridinSoft Trojan Killer antispyware laboratory wants to recount you about Internet Protection virus. Another IT pest has just been released into the cyber space by the IT frauds. We have thoroughly analyzed Internet Protection rogue. It pretends to be real helpful antivirus program with the applying of up-to date technologies, which provide reliable protection but we can confidently state it is quite strong to destroy the system and make the user upset. Internet Protection is the next bogus anti-virus program that storms computers looking for unwary innocent users. The aim of this post is to protect you from such unpleasant obstacle on your way. .

Internet Protection scam
Internet Protection scam

Internet Protection is a dangerous device, which can cause many undesired things. It masks to be reliable program but it is not even close to be called authentic anti-virus. It is malicious application because conceals its real plans behind some “promising” words and attractive GUI to repair all bugs and keep your workstation clean. Do not to succumb to their persuasion. It is rogue inherently, because it is fabricated to fool people to waste their money. Internet Protection scares users by displaying terrible but false reports which convince to identify lots of bugs inside the system. Don’t take it close, Internet Protection is out of touch with the real things happening inside your PC. Internet Protection is eager to reach its malicious goals at all coasts. As it was already mentioned Internet Protection initiates fake computer checkup stating to find numerous errors, bugs, vulnerabilities in the security of your operation system. It then offers itself as the remedy for repairing all such failures. Do not be deceived by these criminals. Internet Protection is not able to ensure for you a solid level of protection, no matter how persuasive it seems. It cannot improve the function of your computer; on the contrary it can worsen the situation and also reduce your nest-egg. To cut long story short Internet Protection is a fraudster that should be imprisoned.

If this pest has intruded into your territory, you should take removal measures ASAP. If you have decided to give preference to our product you need to carefully follow the below-given instructions worked out by our anti-spyware laboratory. We hope our guidance will be intelligible and simple for you. Be safe and clean with us.

Internet Protection automatic remover:

1. Download the following application (Process Killer) from this link and run it on your infected computer: This should kill the process of Internet Protection virus. Then shut down Process Killer application.
2. Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to your infected computer, install and run it.

Internet Protection manual removal guide:

Delete Internet Protection files:
c:%UserProfile%\Desktop\Internet Protection.lnk
c:%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\ins1.tmp
c:%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp\mv2.tmp
c:\Program Files\Internet Protection\
c:\Program Files\Internet Protection\Internet Protection.dll

Delete Internet Protection registry entries:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “

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