How to get rid of Windows Test Master scam and malware program?

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Windows Test Master is one more type of the viruses such as Windows Easy Supervisor, Windows Debugging Center and Windows Debugging Agent. The names of viruses can be different but the aim of them is one. Find and destroy from inside unsafe systems of the world. And, of course, the ways it gets into your system are numerous. Besides, it won’t ask your permission to enter your system.

Windows Test Master
Windows Test Master

Such kinds of viruses are very widespread in the web, so you should pay attention to what files you download, what sites you enter and so on and so far. If you are safe in that way you will have the chance not to get Windows Test Master. But in case your system is infected with the virus you should do all the measures to undo the Windows Test Master actions. When it’s in your system it will act in such way as showing numerous errors, pop-up ads and different files. The user should not under any circumstances take it seriously and do what it says. These all actions are fake and you should remember it. All this has been done to earn illegal money for its fake antivirus.

When the user buys or downloads some unsafe programs i.e. viruses and fake anti-viruses like Windows Test Master he\she in this way support the development of such malwares. You should be very careful with all links you enter and delete any strange and unknown malware with some reliable and safe antivirus.

Windows Test Master virus automatic uninstall guide:

Before downloading and running GridinSoft Trojan Killer for elimination of Windows Test Master rogue several additional preparatory steps should be accomplished. This is necessary because Windows Test Master blocks your Internet connection, and you will not be able to launch GridinSoft Trojan Killer. In order to prevent this blockage please take the following sequence of steps:
1. Make sure that your Operating System is tuned up in such a mode that hidden files and folders of your PC are viewable. The instruction on how to do it can be found here for Windows XP and here for Windows Vista/7.
2. Choose “View” tab in the window that appeared, and in the advanced settings choose the option “Show hidden files and folders”. Press OK.
3. Go to the folder %User Profile%\Application Data\Microsoft.

Important! Depending on the Operating System of your workstation, %UserProfile% stands for C:\Documents and Settings\[Current User] for Windows XP and C:\Users\[Current User] for Windows Vista/7.

In other words, the folder that must be opened is as follows, depending on the OS of your computer:
%SysDrive%Documents and Settings[Current User]Application Data\Microsoft for Windows XP
%SysDrive%Users[Current User]Application Data\Microsoft for Windows Vista/7.

In this folder there will be the main executable file of Windows Test Master rogue (possibly with the icon of *avi file), having some random name.
4. Rename the above-mentioned executable file into some other name of your choice and restart your computer. Upon the system restart Windows Test Master will no longer block your Internet browser.
5. Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to your infected computer, install it and run it.

The very process for deletion of Windows Test Master rogue is similar to the elimination of Windows Remedy virus as shown on the video below:

Windows Test Master rogue manual uninstall instructions:

Delete Windows Test Master scam files:
Delete Windows Test Master malware registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell “%AppData%\Microsoft\[random].exe”

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