How to get rid of System Tool Firewall Alert

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We would like to emphasize your attention on System Tool Firewall Alert. Please be advised that this is fake pop-up alert that comes up from Windows task bar. Remember that this type of alert was launched in order to fool computer users and convince them that their PC is really contaminated with virus. Later on, it will do all it can to activate System Tools 2011, which is just a typical rogue security tool which we have already described in one of our previous posts.

Below is the example of such alert:

System Tool Firewall Alert
System Tool Firewall Alert

Needless to mention, all such alerts need to be completely disregarded, even though they seem to be quite persuasive. Thus, seek assistance from a decent anti-virus tool that can get rid of the virus that spreads these alerts.

System Tool Firewall Alert automatic remover:

System Tool Firewall Alert manual removal guide:

Delete System Tool Firewall Alert files:
%AppData%\[random digits]
%AppData%\[random digits]\[random digits].bat
%AppData%\[random digits]\[random digits].cfg
%AppData%\[random digits]\[random digits].exe
%Desktop%\System Tools 2011.lnk
%Programs%\System Tools 2011.lnk
Delete System Tool Firewall Alert registry entries:
HKCU\Software\System Tools 2011
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[random digits].exe”

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  1. Thank you sooo much…..u saved me the trouble and time of taking my pc to the store……thnks a million….all ur steps work and did fix my problem!!

  2. Jah tentei varias alternativas para Deletar System Tool 2011 e nao consegui nada. Horrivel. Alguem pode ajudar? Obrigado

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