How to get rid of Chitka popup ads

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  1. Louis says:

    This virus attacked my system. Thanks to your guide I was able to remove chitka from my system.

  2. M Neenan says:

    I downloaded and ran the program – after a long search it found the trojan in the Windows\Temp folder. I had already shut off system restore, so I allowed the program to remove the trojan, deleted the remaining contents of the Windows\temp folder, emptied the recycle bin and rebooted – the spyware returned. Wound up reimaging.

  3. Jack Connors says:

    Get Rid of Chitka !!!!!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Or as St. Police says, ITS INTERNET FRAUD,, And I Could use The Money,,,

    FAX, Attorney, Richard.*******

  4. gary says:

    please can you help me get this off my computer

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