How to get rid of Chitka popup ads

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Chitka popup ads that some users encounter on their computers are not associated with Chitika, the legitimate online advertising company. What is Chitka then? In fact, we don’t even know anything about such company, or whether such company even exists. What we know about Chitka pop ups is that they’re surely annoying for many users, based on many questions that are put in online search engines these says. Many users want to find out the answer – how to remove Chitka advertisements popping up in the bottom-right section of their screens. We’ll try to give the answer to this essential question.

Chitka popup ads

Chitka pop ups are the form of certain redirection that somehow affects your browser or Internet settings. By the way, these ads look very much alike Facebook messages, at least this is the way they’re designed outwardly. Of course, they aren’t associated with Facebook, because this company would never spread these messages without user’s permission, randomly and on a permanent annoying basis. And, by the way, these Chitka messages are hard to shut down. In fact, such button to shut them down exists, whereas it is not possible to use it.

To remove Chitka ads from your computer we strongly recommend you to scan your system with a powerful anti-malware tool. Consider running GridinSoft Trojan Killer via the direct download link below. Also, make sure that you reset your HOSTs file using the option in Trojan Kiler’s menu. Click “Tools” and select “Reset HOSTS“. This should help you. If this is not enough, please follow the guide that explains how to deal with the issue of browser redirection, since these instructions should also apply to the malware like Chitka popup ads.

Software recommended for your online security:

Recommended guide on fixing browser redirection issue:

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5 thoughts on “How to get rid of Chitka popup ads

  1. I downloaded and ran the program – after a long search it found the trojan in the Windows\Temp folder. I had already shut off system restore, so I allowed the program to remove the trojan, deleted the remaining contents of the Windows\temp folder, emptied the recycle bin and rebooted – the spyware returned. Wound up reimaging.

  2. Get Rid of Chitka !!!!!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Or as St. Police says, ITS INTERNET FRAUD,, And I Could use The Money,,,

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