How to get rid of Avast Enhanced Protection Mode fake security message

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Whatever the case might be, you should not ever think that Avast Enhanced Protection Mode message has to do with any of the applications by the decent security software developer called Avast. This tool is just nothing but the next attempt on behalf of by the evil crooks to deliver their scareware application to multiple PCs and later on make it seem and sound like something worth your trust. Normally, the features of this malady have a wide range of key aspects, the main one being a system tray notice showing up within predestined time intervals and really confusing users.

Avast Enhanced Protection Mode
Avast Enhanced Protection Mode

This ad asserts: “Attention! Avast operates under enhanced protection mode. This is a temporary measure necessary for immediate response to the threat from a virus”. To say it otherwise, the fake message says this: “Listen up, your computer is contaminated with a serious malware and here we are to assist you and help you remove it”. However, no help is going to be received from Avast Enhanced Protection Mode, even after (or if) you finally decide (being tricked) to buy the so-called full version of this rogueware. Keep in mind that this is exactly what the virus instructs you to perform. It claims the presence of some kind of mythical virus it had detected on your computer can be deleted only on the condition that you pay for registering its so-called commercial version. Therefore, we seriously urge you to be clever and make the judicious decisions only. This means, do not fall for the Avast Enhanced Protection Mode trick no matter how real and trustworthy it seems initially. Thus, there has so far been no other reasonable tactic to refer to rogue anti-spywares except for their removal, so we recommend you to take all the necessary measures and delete Avast Enhanced Protection Mode scareware immediately.

Avast Enhanced Protection Mode automatic remover:

Avast Enhanced Protection Mode manual removal guide:

Delete Avast Enhanced Protection Mode files:

  • %Users%\[UserName]\Downloads\OTS.exe
  • %Windows%\l1rezerv.exe
  • %Windows%\systemup.exe
  • %Windows%\sysdriver32.exe
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