How to get rid of AntiSpy Safeguard

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  1. stacey says:

    Thankyou so much, I was in tears. I only just bought my laptop, I’m a student with not much money. My comp told me that abode photoshop (which came free with the comp) was a trojan horse, it said to use online windows prog 2 delete it, my brother does IT at college and told me to choose anti spy safeguard. It wouldn’t let me on the internet & I oculdn’t find it. This is bad, can I not complain 2 windows? Is it a con so that you have to pay the company?

  2. robert demarest says:

    my wife got it on her laptop and she can not even get onto the internet to download nothing to get rid of it and she can not even go to the run area to try to manually remove it keeps coming up

  3. robert demarest says:

    is there a way a person can download a anti spyware from a disk on a laptop or is there some other way since she cannot get on the internet?

  4. Sandra says:

    Once the spyware comes up on your computer go onto your task manager by holding down the alt, ctrl and delete button at the same time, end the task and then you can go onto the internet. Once this is down download the trojan killer and get rid of the files.

  5. Arlette Dumais says:

    This just happened on my laptop yesterday and, like Robert’s wife, it locked me out of the internet and email so I couldn’t research it. Of course, I tried to delete or uninstall it but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I’m at work now and am grateful I found these instructions, which I will try when I get home tonight. I will post an update tomorrow. Hopefully it works!!

  6. Jack Scott says:

    This just happened on my laptop too. It won’t let me go on the internet, and I tried the ctrl+alt+del but that won’t work either…anyone know how I could get rid of this thing ? 🙁

  7. Colin says:

    Having a hard time myself with this one. Ctrl alt del is not working to get to task manager. trying to use usb memory stick at the moment with trojan-killer loaded onto it.

  8. han says:

    so how do i download a trojan-killer a gueniune one? anyone?

  9. han says:

    help help help

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