Live Security Platinum virus. How to terminate its process

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  1. huijbregts אומר:

    ik wil live security platinum kwijt

  2. sheis אומר:

    I went to control panel and uninstall it…; worked.

  3. Damian אומר:

    Il me semble que LSP interviens et neutralise pkiller par intermediaire d’;une fenetre qui demande si en veut executer: enregistrer/ annuler le prog. Bref, le date/time -file-status reste vide.On ne sais pas si pkiller a remplie sa tâche…;.pas de termination.Merci de m’;aider si vous pouvez.

  4. אקראי אומר:

    started doing what was said and then my mouse stopped working wtf happened

  5. jim אומר:

    . תודה, it seems to be working. I can’;t believe I picked up this stupid virus while looking at vacations in st croix usvi! That’;s all the places I went to when it jumped up and I knew I was screwed!

  6. גורל אומר:

    תודה רבה לך!
    I got this virus after visiting a friend’;s Tumblr page. When I found your webpage, I was going on day three of this virus after two solid days of trying multiple different trojan removal programs (including some made to specifically identify and remove Live Security Platinum), to no avail. The other programs found and removed pieces, but it always respawned after restarting my computer. This is the only program that appears to have removed the infection in its entirety. I can’;t even express how grateful I am!!

  7. Jane Overgaard אומר:

    Har brugt Trojan Killer
    גירסה: 2.1

    Om det er fyldestgørende, kan tiden fortælle.
    Jeg har ved kørsel opnået kontrol med computer. Dette er en primær status,som giver mig mulighed for at redde, for mig, vigtige data.

    Jane Overgaard

  8. Barkeeper אומר:

    You missed one Registry-Entry



    there is also an Entry you have to delete manually.

    If you’;ve caught this virus there should be two exe’;s in your %APPDATA%\Local-Folder
    one about 50KB which has the same Icon as a PDF
    and one about 350KB with an Ico of a Shield (the same one as Live Security Platinum).

    Those are your Virus-Files. After running pkiller and the GridinSoft Trojan Killer (btw. That one finds two OCX-Files which are the Trojan-Part of LSP) delete those two exe’;s manually.

    Everything worked fine for me after that.

  9. tarsha אומר:

    i uninstalled it..and it worked without having to get so technically involved.

  10. ליסה אומר:

    I tried uninstalling it from the control panel but it wouldn’;t let me. I eventually had to do a system restore which worked.

  11. spalian אומר:

    You guys are so Awesome. I only wish that people like you and “;Anonymous”; would go after the “;ASSHOLES”; that develop this crap and ruin peoples lives / cause them nightmares.

  12. מונה אומר:

    who are these computer geeks who have nothing better to do than make viruses I do not even want to use my computer

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