HDD Low – fake. How to remove HDD Low virus?

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  1. Vorsicht says:

    Nicht runterladen

  2. Mark says:

    Thank you. how these people are 1, allowed to be in business and 2, are not being fined for this cr*p is beyond me. At least there are decent people like yourself that don’t mind helping people out by posting pages like this. Thank you again.

  3. Kevin says:

    Does the trojan killer actually work?

  4. Shailendra says:

    nothing has worked so for , hence going to this a try ….already scanning my laptop ..waiting for the results…will post the findings !!

  5. Dan says:

    To działa bo mam problem z HDD Low

  6. Shailendra says:

    IT is asking for the Activation Code 🙁
    Does any one have it ?

  7. Shailendra says:

    Hey .. i am back …and it worked .
    following is the alternate link to down load , i would recommend it, one you run the scan it will detect all the HDD LOW files then it will ask for the activation key to delete them .

    hence use the following link it comes with the activation key .


  8. mona says:

    hi ..This is mona. I never heard this name HDD Low before. So i purcgased that one with £58. Is there any option that i get back my money I lost my money and also my system is crashed.
    I hope somebody help me out 4m this problem

  9. vere says:

    como hago para salir de ese programa nome deja descargar el trojan killler

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