Hacked Skype account may turn into Bitcoin Mining Generator

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We’ve actually already written many articles on how your Skype account can be hacked. This malicious campaign is run by certain cyber hackers and crooks who want to get benefit from bringing malware into your system and then making it earn money on your computer to top up their own pockets. These days Skype is actively applied by the frauds as a way to spread infections. It has been recently noticed that a new spam message is being massively distributed through this program and it contains virus that is predestined to mine for Bitcoins. The virus is known according to the name Trojan.Win32.Jorik.IRCbot.xkt, according to Kaspersky’s malware classifier.


After you’ve heard the word “Bitcoin” you might wonder to find out what exactly it stands for. In fact, this is the internet protocol that is grounded on fully-digital currency. Cyber frauds detected a method to wrongfully use it and so they began elaborating the malware that can tremendously slow down the CPUs and GPUs of attacked systems for the purpose of generating Bitcoins.

Let’s try to illustrate how exactly this process occurs. Let’s say, the victims (Skype account owners) are prompted to install the malware file that is contained in the spam message they get via Skype. The alluring phrase might be like „this my favorite picture of you”. Those that get persuaded to click on the link infect their system with a virus dropper downloaded from certain server located in India. As soon as the virus is activated, it perverts the infected computer into a Bitcoin mining generating machine.

The above-mentioned strategy is applied to hit Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related services. Kaspersky Lab informs that the majority of antiviruses do not identify the Trojan. The reputable malware researchers also note that the virus seems to be elaborated by amateur hackers and not by real professionals in this area. As per now, this malware is extremely active in many countries, making attacked computers really slow. If you experience this problem with your system, make sure that you reset your Skype password and run scan of your computer with the help of legitimate security software recommended by us in this blog.

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