Great Antispy 2012 is a fresh malicious sample. Beware of it.

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Great Antispy 2012 is a new malicious concoction prepared by hackers. It claims to be a real helpful anti-virus application effective in virus detection and removal. However, it is far from truth, it hides its real plans beyond the good name. Indeed it is a fake anti-virus incapable for any security services.


Merely it has no such functions. It is quite good enough at deceiving Internet users and swindling their money. The GUI of this program is professionally developed; it is easy to confuse it with well-known legit programs. This trick is counted on gullible Internet users. One can easily catch this computer infection while clicking on multiple ads or visiting insecure Web recourses that contain malicious scripts. This badware can enter your PC while installing some freeware. To be short – all means are good for reaching the malicious plan.
Like other programs of this sort, Great Antispy 2012 will amend your registry entries to start up with every OS login. Then this rouge software will block the entire legitimate antivirus in your computer. It will replace them as if it’s the best program. It protects itself from being removed in such way. This hoax will launch a series of fake system scanners and end up with presenting the long list of allegedly detected security problems. Multiple warning alerts will appear at certain interval of time to convince you that your computer is under massive virus attack. Indeed, these problems are imagined to push you into obtaining this badware because it claims to fix all bugs spotted on your workstation. Please do pay any cent for the benefit cyber crooks, developers Great Antispy 2012 because you get your PC seriously contaminated and support “bad guys” for new virus releases. GridinSoft Trojan Killer is a recommended software to have your PC clean for viruses.

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