How to get rid of Quick Start? (PUP Removal Helper)

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This post is devoted to Quick Start application. Quick Start claims to be a useful tool designed to enhance the performance of your browser. It allows you to get a quick access to your favorite Web sites, including Google, social networking websites, gaming websites, and weather forecasts etc. Whenever you open your browser you see the links to the sites you intend to go. You may think that it is very comfortable to have such application on your workstation, but do not hurry up to jump at a conclusion. In spite of all these useful qualities, Quick Start enables you to browse the Internet. A Quick Start tab has a search box which reroutes you to a particular search engine, which depends on the browser you have.

Quick Start

Quick Start is responsible for the delivering tons of sponsored links, advertisement banners etc to your PC. You are recommended to keep away from hitting them because you will be redirected to the commercial Web sites or even dangerous domains that are full of severe computer infections. It also steals your personal details about your browsing activity, prompts you into clicking these ads, generated by this adware. If rerouting you to commercial websites, this program makes money from affiliate links, and attracts traffic and page ranking for these pages. It also makes your PC vulnerable for virus intrusions. It causes the browser run slow, using a big part of system resources. As you see this program is not as innocent as it may look at first time. Be advised enough while installing any program on your PC. Always read Terms and Agreements. You will avoid the intrusion of the unwanted applications in such way.

It goes without saying that Quick Start is worth to be uninstalled. We would recommend you to look through the removal details stipulated below. We hope you will find them easy and effective. When all instructions are done, run the reputable anti-virus program, to detect all insecure items brought by this parasite. Do not hesitate to contact our tech guys if any problems appear in the course of removing this adware.

Quick Start automatic remover:

Quick Start removal milestones:

  1. Scan your PC with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove all forms of malware residing on your PC.
  2. Once the scan has been completed click “Apply” to remove all detected threats related to this particular hijacker.
  3. Shut down all your browsers which were attacked with this hijacker.
  4. In Trojan Killer’s open window click “Tools” and select “Reset browser settings“.
  5. reset_browser_settings_tk_tools

  6. Specify which particular browsers you want to be reset and what exactly you want to be reset:
  7. reset_browser_settings_tk_tools_options

  8. Once your choice has been made click “Reset browser settings” again.
  9. If you still have any problems related to its presence on your system, please get in touch with us through support link for additional assistance.

Manual removal video:

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