How to get rid of File Restore virus. Removal video

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File Restore is the malware that has been already described and reviewed by us a couple of days ago. Today we’ve been able to catch this malware and test it behavior on the infected machine. No doubt, the results of its works are really devastating. First of all, probably the worst thing about this hoax is the issue of hidden and missing data that was completely concealed by File Restore infection. The files were not deleted, of course, but a hidden attribute was set to all of them, plus they were relocated to a special smtmp folder (which is also hidden, by the way). All such unexpected turmoil and fuss due to absence of important data (pictures, documents, icons, desktop shortcuts and list of programs in the Start menu) is the result of the malicious activity of File Restore virus. So, do not think that this type of software can restore you data. Instead, it will do all it can to scare you tremendously with the bunch of its faulty statements, error reports and notifications. Be careful not to trust any portion of deceitful information that is being popped up by this outrageous and fraudulent application.

File Restore virus
File Restore virus

There is a way how File Restore malware can be effectively removed. We recommend that you first try running or security software – GridinSoft Trojan Killer. The video guide below clearly shows how to do it. By the way, you might face a problem of downloading Trojan Killer due to absence of any shortcuts and other data at your desktop because of File Restore virus presence. In order to download our recommended security software, please click “Win+E” hotkey. This will open Windows Explorer, and in the address field you will be able to insert the web-page of Trojan Killer as clearly shown in the video guide. Then you simply need to download, install, update and run the program that will remove all infections associated with File Restore malware.

To restore your important data that was concealed by File Restore scam you will need to do something else. There are two free utilities developed by GridinSoft LLC. They’re called GridinSoft Unhider and GridinSoft Restore. Download and launch them. This should restore your hidden data. Afterwards please reboot your PC. The virus should be completely gone. If you have any difficulties or problems deleting it please get in touch with us without hesitation or delay.

Important! In order to remove File Restore malware from your PC it is strongly recommended that you first run GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Use Win + E” hotkey combination to open “My Computer” window. From this stage (in the address field) you may insert the address of GridinSoft Trojan Killer’s site and download our recommended software. Install and update it, run the scan and remove all threats it finds. Then download two additional free applications called Unhider.exe and restore.exe . The download links are as follows:

Run both of them and reboot your PC. Good luck!

File Restore automatic remover:

Removal video at YouTube:

File Restore manual remover:

Delete File Restore files:
%AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\File_Restore.lnk
%Programs%\File Restore\File Restore.lnk
%Programs%\File Restore\Uninstall File Restore.lnk
Delete File Restore registry entries:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[rnd_0].exe %CommonAppData%\[rnd_0].exe
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system\DisableTaskMgr 0

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