General malware removal principles

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So, here you are, staring at your home or business computer infected with certain unwanted application, malware or, to say shortly, by virus. Have you ever been in such situations? Surely you have, to this or other extent. There are certain virus removal principals which you must adhere to for successful restoration of your computer back to the status it had before the very virus attack occurred. This article is devoted to these general recommendations for our users when they face certain type of virus. Please read it carefully and try to follow these admonitions in times of problems with your computer.

  1. Do not panic! Often this is exactly what the malware developers want from you. If users tend to panic they also tend to make quick judgments. This is especially true when being infected with fake anti-virus program. Some people (again, in panic) make the decisions in haste regarding purchasing the rogue security programs which are useless and helpless.
  2. Investigate! You need to perform certain research as for the type of the malware program/problem which attacked your PC and for the ways it can be dealt with/eliminated. The World Wide Web is full of security forums, sites, online discussion platforms, blogs and other sources of useful information. If you did not find the solution or answer you might consider posting the question on Yahoo!Answers or Microsoft Answers site. Another great solution is to ask the question at the forum of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  3. Read the removal instructions carefully! Many sites over the Internet offer the excellent removal guidelines and tips on how to get rid of viruses. They recommend certain removal solutions, including the anti-virus applications. However, the good security blog or site would offer the detailed guidelines on all the necessary steps for malware elimination, and it might not be enough just to run the recommended anti-virus software. So, once again, read the instructions carefully and follow them completely.
  4. Be selective! Many sites nowadays recommend certain security applications, either free or subject to be paid for. We are not in the position to rate them or to speak either negatively or positively about them. Let the people rate the anti-virus programs (even though indeed many of the contemporary security applications know nothing about effective removal of malwares). So, research this issue and do not pick up just the first security program you’ve encountered.
  5. Communicate! If you have problems using certain anti-virus software and thus cannot remove the virus you need to immediately contact the software developer or its customer support team and tell them about your problems. Do not hurry up to uninstall the software if it failed to remove certain virus! It might be that you did not follow the removal guidelines completely or that the virus has been recently modified and is not duly detected by anti-virus software. Do not purchase or download another software in haste, without first having contacted the developers of the one that failed to remove the virus. If you choose GridinSoft Trojan Killer as your security software the best way to contact us is via ticket customer support service.
  6. Be patient! It takes some time to research your problem thoroughly in order to give the proper and really helpful answer (recommendation). So, it might take a little bit longer than you expect to resolve the issue of your concern.
  7. Be polite! While communicating with the customer support team you are dealing with people and not with robots. We are people like you and sometimes we have the same problems you have. We strive for satisfying our customers the best we can and do not ignore your requests. We cherish our customers and try to please them, even though sometimes the issue cannot be resolved as quickly as we want.
  8. Trust us! We undertake to fulfill the responsibilities before our clients and in the case of problems we will give the priority to the benefit of our users and not ourselves.
  9. We do cherish our customers, even though sometimes things for them go not as smoothly as they want. We will do the best we can to assist you in removal of malwares from your computer and hope to build strong and friendly relations with you in the future. Remember that by purchasing GridinSoft Trojan Killer you receive the lifetime customer support for all your PC security needs. We hope this portion of information has been helpful to you and remain
    Yours faithfully,
    GridinSoft Trojan Killer Team

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