AVASoft Professional Antivirus 3.7.30

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When speaking of AVASoft Professional Antivirus 3.7.30 we don’t see the difference between any of previous versions of this scam. Before, we’ve encountered a rogue program with a totally different name – Disk Antivirus Professional 3.7.25. dochs, it is obvious that both of these programs are typically the same, even though they have different names. AVASoft Antivirus Professional is the successor of many similar rogues, including System Progressive Protection, Live Security Platinum and many other malicious and fake system security utilities.

When dealing with AVASoft users should pay due attention to the information displayed by this application. There’s actually nothing of the truth that comes reported by this rogue anti-spyware application. typysk, the mechanism of how this scam works it similar to many other of its predecessors. Sa, it basically runs the fake scanning of your computer and then reports the large list of fake infections for the purpose of making you believe your system is in danger. Wiswier, this is the trap into which some users have stepped. The malware slowly but steadily tries to bring users to the point where they will be forced by the hoax to buy the so-called full version of this rogue, supposedly capable of removing reported fake infections. Yn feite, this is a totally idle and helpless anti-malware tool that can’t protect you in times you need protection so desperately.

There’s a danger with the site called www.tech-ava-soft.org. It serves for the purposes of payment processing form AVASoft Professional Antivirus scam. Sa, avoid this site. Don’t trust it, no matter how nice it looks outwardly. If your computer got stuck with AVASoft Professional Antivirus 3.7.30 then go ahead and remove it immediately as instructed below.

Screenshot of www.tech-ava-soft.org dangerous site:


Milestones te deadzjen AVA Soft Professional Antivirus

  • Use “;Winne + E; fluchtoets kommando op jo toetseboerd. Dit sil iepenje Windows Explorer.
  • Yn it adres fjild ynfoegje de folgjende link: http://gridinsoft.com/downloads/KillProc.zip
  • bewarje dit KillProc.zip file op jo buroblêd.
  • Hold “;Shift; kaai ​​op jo toetseboerd en rjochts-klik KillProc.zip
  • Select “;Open with…;;
  • Iepenje mei...

  • In the windows that comes up select “;blêdzje;
  • blêdzje

  • Fine it programma neamd Windows Explorer as de iene dat sil iepenje dit KillProc.zip argyf. De lokaasje foar dit programma is C:\WINDOWS explorer.exe
  • explorer.exe

  • Click “;Iepen;.
  • In the “;Open with…;; window select “;Windows Explorer; and click “;OK;.
  • Windows Explorer

  • Iepen KillProc argyf en kopy 2 files onto your Desktop –; autoscan.dat en iExPlOrE.exe
  • KillProc map ynhâld

  • run iExPlOrE.exe
  • Click “;Automatic Scan;
  • automatyske scan

  • De neikommende berjocht moat opkomme, you need to click “;Ja;.
  • Kill AVASoft Antivirus

  • It proses fan AVASoft Professional Antivirus moatte wurde fermoarde.
  • Now it’;s tiid yn te laden en rinne GridinSoft Trojan Killer te heljen AVASoft Professional Antivirus malware.
  • Malware’;s skermprint:

    AVASoft Antivirus Professional

    Main removal gids skrasse AVASoft Professional Antivirus Scam:


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